2015 Saw A Rise in Spanish Property Sales

INEAs mentioned in a previous article, 2015 saw record numbers of tourists hitting the beaches and towns around Spain. The tourists, however, are not the only ones still hitting Spain in large numbers; the figures for 2015 property transfers also show an increase hinting that buyer confidence is on the increase and property sales are once again on the up.

In the annual figures released by the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas) Spain registered a 4.6% increase in property transfers for the year 2015, over the previous year, with a total of 1,634,670 transfers.

This breaks down as follows:

  • 378,630 Rustic Properties
  • 716,835 Urban Dwellings
  • 69,457 Urban Plots
  • 469,748 Other Urban Properties

Of the total property transfers 753.598 were from purchases, representing an increase of 8.1% over the previous year.

In terms of the type of property purchased, 83.2% corresponded to urban properties, an increase of 8.4%, and 16.8% to rustic property, an increase of 6.5%.

Of the total, 22% of property sales were for new buildings while resale properties made up the remaining 78%. For new homes this represents a decrease of 33.7%, while used property sales increased by 37.2%, compared to 2014.

By Region

As expected, Andalucia leads the way in terms of numbers registering 272,000 property transfers in 2015, an increase of 8.7% over 2014. They were followed close behind by Cataluña with 229,463 (a 3.25% increase) and Valencia with 209,819 sales, an increase of 4.2% over 2014.

The only region to record a negative annual variation was Castilla – La Mancha, which recorded only 103,776 transfers of deed, a variation of -0.8% compared to 2014.

The largest gain was in La Rioja, which, while only registering 20,015 transfers, achieved an increase over 2014 of 18%.

When looking at total propertiers sold the winning region was País Vasco with 13,770 sales which represents a massive 17.2% increase over 2014. On this measure Andalucia still did very well registering 70,739 sales, a 10.6% increase, while Cataluña and Valencia also did well recording increases of 14% and 11.3% respectively.

You can see the full report here.

Housing in 2014 continued rising

Property Sales in Spain rose again in 2014HOUSING sales in Spain have again for the third consecutive quarter risen, as 13.5% more houses were sold in the third quarter of the same period last year.

Sources in the Ministry of Development stated that the amount of sales completed before a notary between the months of July and September was 80,136. January to March also saw a rise of 48.5% in sales, with an additional 12% increase in the second quarter.

These are indeed encouraging statistics, especially when viewed with latest figures from the Institute of National Statistics (INE) which showed a 16% increase in October compared with the same month last year.

There`s still a way to go before reaching the same figures prior to the housing crash. The record remains for houses sold in a single at 251,649 homes, which was set in the second quarter of 2006.

Whilst 95% of transactions were for private houses, a majority of the resale market, just 15.1% of sales were for new homes. Even though signs of recovery are encouraging for the new homes market, a huge repository of houses still remain that need to also be sold. Slightly surprising is the fact that new housing sales are not rising quicker as stated recently in another report that new houses are being sold for less than the construction cost, enabling house buyers a unique opportunity which may not return for many years.

At the top the sales chart in the third quarter was Andalucia (16,360 transactions); that was followed by Valencia (12,116); then closely by Catalonia (11,983) and finally Madrid (10,272).

A major contributor to slaes figures were foreign residents of Spain. In the third quarter their purchases accounted for 12,764 transactions, which is an increase of 17.2%, the 13th quarterly rise.

Total number of sales to foreigners which also includes non-residents reached 13,789, or 17.2% of the total house purchases in that quarter.

The most popular areas were Alicante (3,323) Malaga (1,918), Barcelona (1,103), Madrid (839) and Tenerife (721).

Property sales increased more in Marbella last year than anywhere else in Spain

The property market in Marbella is recovering and the town is now showing signs of being a leader in this sector. This emblematic town on the Costa del Sol ended last year with a total Property Sales increasedof 3,115 property sales , a figure which is similar to that of 2007, before the bubble burst. In terms of total figures, Marbella is now in a similar position to Malaga city, where the recovery in the property market has failed to take off and the number of sales has fallen for three consecutive years.
The results for property transactions last year, which have just been released by the Ministry of Development, reveal that Marbella is the Spanish town in which the number of sales has increased the most, by 23.6 per cent.

Fall in House Prices Moderates in Second Quarter

The National Statistics Institute reported on Friday that house prices fell by 0.8% in the second quarter of the year compared to the previous quarter, representing the most moderate decline since the fourth quarter of 2010.

Thus, the fall in housing prices has moderated, after the pronounced decline of 6.6% registered between January and March, the biggest quarterly decline recorded since 2007, the year in which the National Statistics Institute began developing this index.

Specifically, Europa Press reported that second-hand home prices decreased by 0.1% compared with the first quarter, while the price of new housing fell by 2.4%.

Year-on-year (second quarter of 2013 over the same quarter of 2012), the price of housing also moderated its decline to 12%, compared with the 14.3% annual decline experienced in the first quarter.

Housing prices have now accumulated 21 consecutive quarters in which they have registered negative annual rates. The prices began to fall in the second quarter of 2008 (-0.3%), and since then the trend has not been reversed.

The House Price Index published by the National Statistics Institute complies with the requirements of Eurostat and complements the report published quarterly by the Ministry of Development. Among its objectives is to serve as a point of comparison between Member States in terms of housing prices.

Article source: Kyero.com

Property transfers decreased 4.5% in January

INEThe National Institute of Statistics (INE) has released statistics for the Transfer of Property Rights in January 2012, showing a 4.5% decrease over the previous month.

The number of property transfers recorded in the land registries, from public deeds previously registered, was 151,186 in January, that is, 4.5% less than for the same month in 2011, and 31.4% more than in December 2011.

In the case of registered merchantings of property, the number of transfers was 71,623, representing an interannual decrease of 18.6%, and an increase of 42.3%, as compared with the previous month.

Merchantings recorded in the land registries

86.2% of the registered merchantings corresponded to urban properties and 13.8% to rustic properties. Among the urban properties, 53.6% were merchantings of dwellings.

The number of merchantings of rustic properties increased 10.6% in the interannual rate in January, while that of urban properties decreased 21.9%. Within the latter, merchantings of dwellings decreased 26.3%.

Registered merchantings of dwellings, by protection system and status

86.2% of transfers of dwellings by merchanting in January were free housing, and 13.8% were protected housing. In interannual terms, the number of transfers of free dwellings by merchanting decreased 28.1% and that of protected dwellings decreased 12.7%.

54.1% of the dwellings transferred by merchanting in January were new, and 13.8% were used. The number of transactions on new dwellings decreased 17.5%, and the number of used dwellings decreased 34.5%, as compared with January 2011.

Geographical distribution

In January 2012, the total number of property transfers recorded in the land registries per 100,000 inhabitants¹ was highest in the Autonomous Communities of La Rioja (742), CastillaLa Mancha (690) and Castilla y León (676).

The Autonomous Communities showing the highest number of registered merchantings of property per 100,000 inhabitants¹ were La Rioja (365) and Castilla-La Mancha (329).

By registered merchantings of dwellings, the Autonomous Communities in which the number of transfers per 100,000 inhabitants¹ was highest was La Rioja (148).

59.5% of merchantings of dwellings in November 2011 were recorded in four Autonomous Communities: Andalucía, Cataluña, Comunidad de Madrid and Comunitat Valenciana.

The full report can be downloaded here: Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights – Jan 2012

¹ This data was calculated from the revision of the figures of the Municipal Register for the year 2011. Only the population aged 18 to 84 years old was considered.

Property sales figures lowest since 2006

According to reports from the housing department in the Ministry of Public Works, property sales in Spain fell in 2011 by 29.3%, in terms of volume.

There were 347,305 registered property transactions in 2011 which is the lowest level recorded since the crisis began. It is a fall of 64% since the peak in 2006 when just short of one million property transactions were recorded.

During the fourth quarter of 2011 there were 105,560 property sales in Spain, representing an increase of 37.9% from the previous quarter but, more importantly, a decrease of 29.9% over the same period in the previous year. It is the first quarterly figure to top 100,000 transactions, following three consecutive quarters below this figure.

In the autonomous regions Andalucía recorded the highest number of sales with 67,018, closely followed by Valencia with 48,028, Madrid  with 45,020 and Catalonia where 44,961 properties were sold. Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia recorded the greatest increase in sales.

In terms of sales to foreigners, by province, Alicante came out on top with 2,532 sales, followed by Málaga with 1,158.

Of the Q4 total, 43,974 sales were for new homes, representing 41.7% of the total, leaving 61,586 resale properties, 58.3% of the total.

For the full year, new housing accounted for 126,840 transactions, 36.5%. Resale properties made up 220,465 sales, accounting for 63.5% of the total transactions. This data shows that since 2008, the second-hand housing market has achieved some stability, with annual transactions over 220,000.

Property sales fell in 2011

The National Statistics Institute have released data showing a decline in the number of property sales in 2011.

Despite a good start to the year when sales figures showed a slight increase the year finished with 17.7% fewer sales than the previous year.

The total sales figure stood at 361,831, with 49% for sales of new properties and 51% for resale properties. This is a decline of 19.7% (177,236 transactions) for new dwellings and a decline of 15.7% (184,595 transactions) for resales.

In 2011, the total number of property transfers recorded in the land registries per 100,000 inhabitants was highest in the Autonomous Communities of Castilla y León (7,428), and La Rioja (6,839).

In Andalucia there werea total of  255,554 property transfers which represents 3,881 per 100,000 inhabitants. Overall 60% of the countries merchantings of dwellings were in the regions of Andalucía, Comunidad de Madrid, Comunitat Valenciana and Cataluña.

Of the total transfers in Andalucia 72,412 were for the transfer of dwellings, much higher than Madrid which followed with 49,194 transfers. Valencia was next with 48,198 transfers, and Cataluña with 47,118.

Nationally there were an average of 960 transfers of dwellings per 100,000 inhabitants.

You can see the full report here: Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights Year 2011 and December 2011.

Increase in sales to foreigners

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Transactions has shown an increase in the number of Spanish properties sold to foreigners. Figures showed an increase of 24.7% in the third quarter of the year, compared to the same period of 2010.

Alicante was the top of the list for the number of property sales to foreign buyers with 2,097 sales. They were followed by Malaga with 951 and Barcelona with 607.

Sales and Marketing director at Taylor Wimpey España, Marc Pritchard, said: “The increase in property sales to foreigners in the last quarter of 2011 shows that many buyers have been discerning enough to strike while the iron is hot and purchase properties that are well priced and in excellent locations.”, the Olive Press reported.

Mr Pritchard went on to say “It is looking likely that prices in Spain will begin to increase by the end of 2011 with places like Tenerife and Malaga seeing property values improve signaling good news for the Spanish real estate market next year,”.

With low interest rates on savings accounts and low property prices it seems the crisis isn’t yet deterring the buyers completely.

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