10 Entire Villages For Sale in Spain

Are you looking for a Spanish property? Do you fancy a townhouse, an apartment, or perhaps an entire village?

There are plenty of opportunities to pick up a decent property for a bargain price at the moment as the recovery continues to accelerate. If you were thinking of a reformation project then none could be better, or perhaps more challenging, than buying an entire village of old, dilapidated properties in the Spanish countryside.

Here are ten villages that are currently for sale in Spain, most of which are under half a million euros, with one of them being given away!

1. Castellfollit del Boix – €2 million

This 17th century village needs attention
This 17th century village needs attention

Covering 58.9 square kilometres, Castellfollit del Boix consists of 12 historic stone buildings in this small Catalan pueblo dating from the 17th century.

The village is only around one hour drive from Barcelona, which is why this one is the most expensive on our list. The buildings are in various states but all will need at least a little TLC.

2. Lugo hamlet – €250,000

There are no permanent residents left in Lugo
There are no permanent residents left in Lugo

At the bottom of a verdant valley in northern Galicia lies the small hamlet of Lugo.

Listed for only 250,000 Euros, this small, quiet village consists of four houses, a mill, a granary and a barn. All buildings are in need of attention and this would not be an easy project.

It will be very peaceful as there are no longer any permanent residents. The last gave up and moved on around 10 years ago. The only sounds you will hear are the wind rustling the peach trees and the varied wildlife.

3. Pontevedra hamlet – €398,500

Pontevedra hamlet requires very little work
Pontevedra hamlet requires very little work

This one is for those who want to buy something that has already been renovated.

This small town on the Galician coast comes with five properties that have already been remodelled, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your new surroundings.

4. Llirt – €749,000

44 buildings/ruins availble in Llirt
44 buildings/ruins availble in Llirt

This small village lies in the foothills of the Pyrenees, surrounded by grasslands and pine forests.

It comes with 44 buildings which are essentially ruins. Definitely a serious project for serious buyers.


5. A Barca – €0 – pay only management fees

12 properties for free in A Barca
12 properties for free in A Barca

Free? Free, you say? Well, almost.

The local town hall is ready to give away the entire village of La Barca, a rundown hamlet in the Galician regions.

However, there is a caveat to buying it; you must agree to renovate the entire village, which consists of 12 houses in various states. Again, this is not a weekend project and serious buyers will have to put both time and money into restoring this country village to its former glory.

6. Bárcena de Bureba – €425,000

75 properties - not for the faint hearted!
75 properties – not for the faint hearted!

This tiny little village lies in Castilla y León, north of Madrid consisting of 75 properties.

Where else could you buy 75 properties for under half a million euros? Well, calling them “properties” is probably unfair. Ruins would be a better description

All 75 building are in serious need of renovation. It wont be a weekend project.

7. El Rebollal hamlet – €499,000

El Rebollal sits in the countryside of Asturias
El Rebollal sits in the countryside of Asturias

On Spain’s northern coast is Asturias.

Here, nestled in the countryside you will find the small hamlet of El Rebollal.

It comes with 11 properties, most of which have already received some level of renovation.

Sitting in 3.5 hectares of forest and pasture land, this is a peace lover’s dream. Interestingly, it also boasts a pretty good mobile signal.

8. Ferrol hamlet – €210,000

Ferrol Hamlet comes with a 15th century manor house
Ferrol comes with a 15th century manor house

Up in the Galician region once again, this small village is only 15 minutes from the beach.

It comes with a chapel, farmhouse, stone mill and a 15th-century manor house, all sitting within five hectares of woodland and pasture.

Pick up this hamlet, and your reward for all the blood sweat and tears shed during the restoration will be your seat as lord of the manor.

9. Ortigueira – €125,000

Ortigueira includes a bakery and a river full of trout
Ortigueira comes with a bakery

You may have seen this village in the press.

Coming with four old stone buildings that all require renovation, this extremely cheap village comes with free well water and a bakery with a stone hearth.

The largest property comes with hardwood floors and five bedrooms which look out over orchard of various fruits including peaches, figs, walnuts and pears.

At the foot of the valley you’ll find a small river full of trout.

10. Pueblo Los Belgas – €960,000

This Andalusian village includes a school
This Andalusian village includes a school

Moving further south, half way between Murcia and Malaga lies Pueblo Los Belgas.

Sitting within 25 km² and surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Baza National Park, this Andalusia village would be a very exciting project for any investor prepared to take a leap.

This small, tranquil village comes with a school and a bar but while some of the buildings are in need of attention there is a lot less to do than in some of the other villages on this list, hence the asking price.

Home Sales Soared 15.8% in February

Property sales increased in Feb 2016
Property sales increased 5.3% in Feb 2016

February 2016 proved to be a great month for property sales as the number of property transfers increased 5.3% over the same month in the previous year to a total of 154,386 properties.

Sales of housing increased a whopping 15.8% with 34,771 deed transfers registered, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute.

When looking at the type of housing sold, 84.9% was in relation to urban properties, with 15.1% of properties being rural. In the case of the urban properties, 56.7% were residential properties.

Rural properties showing an increase in the annual rate of 4.2%, while for urban properties the increase was 13.9%.

According to the data, 22.5% of the homes sold in February were new properties while resale (second-hand) properties accounted for 77.5% of purchases. This represents a fall of 0.2% on new property while resale properties seem to be responsible for the positive figures after registering a 21.4% increase in February.

By Community

Per 100,000 residents, the communities with the highest increases in property transfers during February were Extremadura and the Balearic Islands, with increases of 29.6% and 26.4%, respectively.

The only two communities to register a negative monthly variation were Andalucia which saw a fall of 10.6% and Galicia where property sales fell 1%, when compared to the same period in 2015. Despite this overall decline, Andalucia recorded the highest number of home sales in February with 6,476 homes sold. They were followed by Cataluña with 5,304 and Madrid with 5,275 home sales.

When looking at sales of residential property, the communities with the highest annual increase were the Basque Country with a massive 50.3% increase, closely followed by Asturias with a 40% increase and Cantabria where home sales increased 38.9%.

Type of Housing

The data suggests that 89.2% of the properties sold in February were free housing while 10.8% was protected. This represents an increase of 16% for free housing while protected housing increased 14.3%.

The data further suggests that when comparing February to January, 2016, sales of residential property increased by 7.3%, representing the first positive February for five years.


La Zagaleta – Luxury Living

La Zagaleta
A view of La Zagaleta Estate

Sitting in a quiet, rural location just outside Benahavis on the road to Ronda you will find one of the most exclusive, luxury developments on the Costa del Sol – Club de Campo La Zagaleta.

Only a short drive from the famous Puerto Banus, La Zagaleta is one of the most sought after locations in Spain boasting a small number of large, private properties housing some of the coasts rich and famous visitors.

When you purchase a property in La Zagaleta you don’t only get privacy and luxury, you also get beautifully manicured, landscaped gardens, club houses, 24-hour security and access to two professional golf courses: La Zagaleta and Los Barrancos.

Club House and Sports

The 5,000 m2 club house provides a community space for residents and their guests to relax and enjoy some of the activities that few other developments are able to provide.

Residents can make use of meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, and a cafe. There is a swimming pool and sauna area for the parents to relax in while the children can enjoy a discotheque, billiard room and even a bowling alley. The swimming pool area also provides a barbeque and snack bar.

For the horse lovers there is a fully equipped riding club breeding Arab and Spanish horses. The club offers 23 stables and four training arenas. There is more to La Zagaleta than just luxury properties!

For tennis fans there is a choice of clay or hard-surface tennis courts to hone your skills.


If you are a golfer, then La Zagaleta has everything you could want from two professional golf courses to an on-site pro shop.

La Zagaleta

A unique 18-hole course, La Zagaleta Golf was designed by the Californian architect Bradford Benz in 1991 and opened at the end of 1993. One of the major objectives for the designer was to preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and this has been achieved.

From the start of your round until the end you are unlikely to see anything other than nature as there are no parallel holes and the only other thing you will see is the spectacular clubhouse after the 9th and 18th holes. A round at this course is like playing on a nature reserve.

Each hole has four tee positions to allow players of all skill levels to enjoy the course. Choose the closest tee for a tranquil, relaxing round, or the furthest tee to challenge yourself and play like the professionals.

Aided by the natural slope of the valleys the path to each hole is clear to see with clear access to the greens. There are few courses that offer such peace and privacy as this, although you may have to share the fairway with a pheasant or a deer.

Los Barrancos

Opened in 2005, Los Barrancos is a par 70 course once again shaped by the landscape that surrounds it.

As you progress through your round you will pass cork trees in between which many animals have made their homes and from where they can be seen watching the golfers passing through. The course is situated on the north part of the estate and sits between mountains and valleys creating a unique course with stunning views.

On the par 3 second hole the green is separated from the trees by the Embarcadero Lake, pure mountain water, which adds another level of natural beauty to the course, as well as increasing the difficulty level.

The natural form of the landscape makes for improved bunkering rather than the stereotypical resort style with more traditional, strategically placed bunkers.

The intention to integrate this course with nature has been well realised with several holes having fresh water streams running alongside, while the entire course is surrounded by beautiful local flora. The sound of flowing water with the sounds of local animals and birds makes this one of the most relaxing courses on the coast and is well known for providing an exciting and pleasurable round of golf.

The Villas

La Zagaleta Villa
The propeties are the height of luxury and quality

No two properties are the same in La Zagaleta, although they all stick to the Andalusian style so as to blend well into the natural environment.

You have a choice when looking to make a move to this exclusive community as you can either purchase one of the few remaining plots or one of the villas that is currently under construction. Alternatively, you can choose one of their signature villas which provide “a wave of 21st century architecture that blends with the countryside.”

You could also choose from one of the many properties that already stand in the estate, all constructed to the highest standards with the highest quality materials.

The signature villas have been designed with a minimum of 8 metres between each plot to ensure privacy. This also provides space for the local wildlife to make their way around the properties thus causing them minimal disruption.

The modern design of the villas reflects the latest in contemporary architecture and fulfils the five main elements of property design – water, light, landscape, comfort and practicality.

Each of the villas is located on a large plot with sizes ranging from 3,000m² to 25,000m². Many of the villas provide up to 8 bedrooms, with similar numbers of bathrooms. Private pools are an essential in this estate as well as multi-car garages. There is nothing small in La Zagaleta!

This, unfortunately, is also true when it comes to prices. However, most of the properties are owned by the very rich and famous and if you are not in that club you are unlikely to be looking for property here. Rumour has it that Russian President Vladimir Putin owns a property in La Zagaleta, as well as Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. It is also said that British Actor Hugh Grant and singer Row Stewart also own properties on the estate, so you are in good company.

If you plan to buy a villa in La Zagaleta you should expect a price of over a million euros to buy a plot and anywhere from 5 million to 25 million euros for an existing property. Remember though, for that money you get to live on one of the most exclusive estates not only in Spain but in Europe, with facilities to rival any world class hotel or country club.

La Zagaleta truly is the epitome of luxury living. For more information on the properties of La Zagaleta visit www.villaslazagaleta.com, or call us today on +34 952 907 386.





Price: 415,000€
A lovely 3 bed apartment in a sought after complex on the Golden Mile close to the mosque. Only a few minutes drive to both Marbella and Puerto Banus, with the famous Puente Romano hotel walking distance to property.

Property has 3 good sized bedrooms, spacious lounge and a fully fitted kitchen and utility room. Also with this property come the storage and parking space in the underground garage. The complex has luscious gardens and pool for the residents to enjoy. A perfect family home!

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Property For Sale in Marbella

Banesto release 4,600 properties

Banesto casaktua.com
Banesto's property portal

Spanish bank Banesto has placed over 4,000 properties for sale “with prices of 20 years ago”, they said in a statement.

In total, 4,600 properties, which can be found on their property portal, Casaktua.com, are being promoted with an average price per square metre of 638€, “the same as the average cost per square metre in our country in 1992, according to figures from the Ministry of Development.”

These prices are “less than a third of the average price per square metre during the highest peak in prices in the first quarter of 2008, when data published by the said ministry put the figure at 2,101 euros.”

The properties average a price of 56,700 euros, with up to 80% discount, and an average area of 90 square metres and three bedrooms, El Mundo reported.

Many of the properties have been reduced by over 50%. 1,887 have been reduced by between 50% and 70% with more than 1,155 properties reduced by more than 70%.

Banesto pointed out that “all these properties have, in addition, very favourable financing conditions permitting you to acquire the properties with finance of 100% of the price of the property and with a mortgage of up to 40 years.”

A few examples of property available through the portal include a three bedroom house in Jerez de la Frontera, built to 95 square metres, available for 33,000 euros, which includes a discount of the initial prices of 76%.

A flat in Alicante, built to 67 square metres, also with three bedrooms, is available for only 27,600 euros, which includes a 72% reduction.

In the region of Murcia a 65% discount applied to a duplex apartment, built to 136 square metres, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a terrace, means the property can be purchased for 93,000 euros.

In Gran Canaria, you can see a house built to 80 square metres, with three bedrooms and a bathroom, available for 66,700 euros, a discount of 62%.

In the region of Madrid you can purchase an apartment, built to 61 square metres, with three bedrooms, for 101,000 euros, following a discount of 47%.

2 Bed Apartment For Sale – Reserva de Marbella

2 Bed Apartment For Sale in Reserva de Marbella – Ref: MFSPH474

2 Bed Apartment For Sale in Reserva de Marbella

Price: 170,000€

Fantastic 2 bedroom 2 bathroom penthouse located in a very small, cosy and very well maintained development which consist of only 18 apartments. Beautiful tropical garden has a large swimming pool and a stunning views even from the garden level. The apartment has approx 80m2 built and about 18m2 of terrace. Open plan kitchen leads to the dining and sitting area and the coverred terrace. Very pleasant terrace to enjoy the sunset on the fresh air, always beautiful view to the garden, sea, Gibraltar and Morocco. It has its own parking off road.

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Property For Sale in Marbella


5 Bed Villa For Sale – Nagüeles

5 Bed Villa For Sale in Nagüeles – Ref: MFSV468

5 Bed Villa For Sale

Price: 1,900,000€

Detached Villa, Nagüeles, Costa del Sol. 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms, Built 400 m², Garden/Plot 3000 m². Setting : Close To Golf, Close To Port, Close To Shops, Close To Town, Close To Schools, Close To Marina. Orientation : South. Condition : Excellent. Pool : Private. Climate Control : Air Conditioning, Pre Installed A/C, Hot A/C, Cold A/C, Central Heating, Fireplace, U/F/H Bathrooms. Views : Garden, Pool.

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Property For Sale in Marbella


5 Bed Villa For Sale – Puerto Banus

5 Bed Villa For Sale in Puerto Banús – Ref: MFSV466

Villa for sale in Puerto Banus, Spain

Price: 2,500,000€

Fantastic Beachside villa within walking distance to Puerto Banus!!OFFERS ARE INVITED !OWNER WANTS TO SELL! Great 5 bed villa on second line beach, 10 minute walk along the Promenade of Puerto Banus, has 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms plus another bedroom with bath as servants quarters . Two bedrooms on the first floor en suite bathroom, with double roofs with jacuzzi and private terrace.

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Property For Sale in Marbella


2 Bed Apartment For Sale – Puerto Banús

2 Bed Apartment For Sale in Puerto Banús – Ref: MFSA465

2 Bed Apartment For Sale - Puerto Banus

Price: 165,000€

Ground Floor Apartment, Puerto Banús, Costa del Sol. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Built 90 m², Terrace 60 m². Orientation : South. Condition : Good. Pool : Communal. Views : Garden, Courtyard. Features : Covered Terrace, Private Terrace, Paddle Tennis. Furniture : Optional. Kitchen : Fully Fitted. Parking : Underground. Category : Bargain, Resale.

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Property For Sale in Marbella


4 Bed Penthouse For Sale – The Golden Mile

4 Bed Penthouse For Sale on The Golden Mile – Ref: MFSPH463

4 Bed Penthouse For Sale - The Golden Mile

Price: 450,000€

Immaculate 4 bed Corner Duplex Penthous on the Golden Mile with stunning views. The entire apt is being painted as well as the floors freshly polished. It is a lovely property and in good shape for a family wishing to spend the summer in Marbella Apartment – Penthouse, The Golden Mile, Costa del Sol. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms.

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Property For Sale in Marbella