Benalmádena mayor ousted by PP

Paloma García Gálvez, Elías Bendodo and Francisco Salido. A. S.
Paloma García Gálvez, Elías Bendodo and Francisco Salido. A. S.

It happened in 2009 and it has happened again in 2012. The Socialist mayor of Benalmádena, Javier Carnero (PSOE), is to lose control of the Town Hall for the second time thanks to a motion presented by the PP and UCB councillors. In 2009 he had completed two years of his term of office; this time he has only lasted a year.

Until now the Socialists have controlled the local authority thanks to a coalition with councillors from the independent UCB group and IU. Last week three of those UCB councillors have signed the proposal for a vote of no confidence made by the PP, who were the most voted party in 2011 with eleven councillors.

According to the new agreement Paloma García Gálvez will be the new mayor of Benalmádena and UCB leader, Francisco Salido, will be first deputy. The UCB councillors will keep the same responsibilities held at present while the PP will take over the departments run by the PSOE and IU members. The motion will be formally voted at a special council meeting on June 23rd.

The coalition formed by the PSOE, IU and independents in Benalmádena in 2011 came as a blow to the Partido Popular who saw a red patch appear on what otherwise is a totally conservative blue Costa del Sol. Now the PP have managed to fill the gap. Provincial party president Elías Bendodo justified the vote of no confidence by the “ungovernability” of the municipality due to the attitude of “permanent blockade” shown by the PSOE and IU. “Today Benalmádena starts its future”, said the proposed new mayor Paloma García Gálvez. Javier Carnero said that the motion could only be justified by “personal and party interests” adding that this was a sad “déjà vu”.

Source: Sur In English

Corrupt Casares Mayor released on bail

Juan Sanchez released
Former mayor Juan Sanchez

Ex-mayor of Casares Juan Sánchez has been released from prison after supporters raised 200,000 euros to bail him out.

The supporters and members of the public managed to raise the money in just three days meaning Sánchez was in custody for less than a fortnight.

Sánchez was arrested at his home in Manilva two weeks ago, along with his wife, in an joint operation between the National Police and Guardia Civil acting for the anti-corruption prosecutor.

In total eleven people have been implicated relating to charges of town planning corruption, fraud, money laundering and involvement with organised crime groups.

Juan Sánchez was mayor of Casares prior to becoming president of the association of town halls of the western Costa del Sol. He stepped down following last years elections and took up another mandate as the councillor for institutional relations and housing in Casares. He has since been suspended from his post.

The operation was codenamed ‘Majestic’ after the property developers that are alleged to be at the heart of the case. Allegedly, as mayor Sr Sánchez allowed the Majestic Group to build a large urbanisation at Casares Costa.

Former La Linea Mayor denounced

Gemma Araujo
La Linea Mayor Gemma Araujo

The former mayor of La Linea, Alejandro Sanchez, has been accused of covering his tracks just days after losing office.

Gemma Araujo, his replacement and the first female mayor of La Linea, claims Sanchez ordered a police van to take a collection of boxes to be incinerated

It is claimed that many of the documents relate to possible illegal activity which took place during the two years  Sanchez controlled the town.

Araujo claims to have “saved” at least one box of “evidence” containing files, identity documents, receipts and records of drug raids.

“A police van was used to transport a series of boxes containing the documents to another part of the city where they were burned,” Araujo explained.

Sanchez has also been denounced for allegedly moving a children’s playground to the family home of an ex councillor. The playground belonged to the town hall and was worth 4,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Gibraltarians are relieved to see the back of Sanchez. The new mayor seems to be Gibraltar-friendly having declared that she has “no intention whatsoever” of implementing “any toll, either coming in or out of Gibraltar”.

Further to this, she has already begun to remove the bollards built by Sanchez and described his policy of harassment towards Gibraltar as a “serious political error”.

Gulf trip a success

Angeles Muñoz, Marbella’s Mayor, has returned from her visit to the Arabian Gulf and reported the trip was “satisfactory” and that “strategic projects for Marbella were discussed”.

Muñoz added that representatives of Regent’s Business School had visited Marbella this week to move forward with plans for an international business school to be created in Marbella.

The Mayor’s trip included visiting Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kuwait. She said she was pleased with the level of interest that representatives showed in Marbella and that there were many possibilities for new projects in the technology, health, culture and leisure sectors.