Royal family to feel the pinch

Why do Royals always look so miserable?
Why do Royals always look so miserable?

So far, everything prime minister Mariano Rajoy has done has benefited the banks and corporations; the public are paying through the nose for other people mistakes through tax increases, sales tax increases, lower public spending, higher interest rates etc. The list goes on.

Now, Spain’s rather unpopular royal family are to get a pay cut. Don’t get excited though – it’s so small they probably wont notice.

King Juan Carlos himself will see a cut of around 20,900 euros from his state payout this year, according to an updated version of the 2012 royal budget released on Tuesday.

Prince Felipe, the Kings son and heir to the throne, will receive around 10,500 euros less. Hardly a drop in the ocean to them.

That is equivalent to a 7.1 per cent pay cut. To put this in perspective, the recent bitterly disputed cutting of the Christmas bonus for public workers amounted to around 7% of their income. So the royal family have contributed to the rescue of the nation by foregoing their Christmas bonus. Well done Juan Carlos – I’m sure the country will be fine now.

Other members of the royal family will also receive less money from the budget, which is entirely funded by taxpayers’ money.

The royal household estimates a saving of between 90,000 euros and 100,000 euros will be made from these cuts.

The salary cut got a mixed reception from the public. Some readers of newspaper websites and Twitter users joked about whether the royal family would now struggle, or whether they would still be able to afford expensive safari trips.

Others, however, commended the royal household for at least volunteering to take the cut. They volunteered? I doubt that.

The king, long revered for his role in Spain’s transition to democracy, drew derision from many after taking a lavish elephant hunting trip in Botswana at a time when 25% of Spaniards are out of work. His wife Queen Sofia also attracted criticism when she snubbed an invitation to attend Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee dinner in London citing the fishing dispute with Gibraltar as her excuse.