Viva Estates – promoting good quality?

I found this article on today:

It says how much they hate “so-called” real-estate agents who have a nice website but a small or non-existent office. They go on to say how “…you are being conned” by companies who use “…single landing pages that are also there simply to capture a client’s data”

What obviously don’t realise is that landing pages are a very good “white hat” way of capturing people’s data for marketing a product. Landing pages have been an essential part of online advertising for many years and I regularly use them myself.

The author, one Chris McCarthy, then goes on to criticise people who utilise Google AdWords to market their sites implying that this is a method used by “Instant” agencies. This is hilarious! Google Adwords should be an integral part of any online marketing campaign for any industry. This is especially true for real-estate in Spain. See for yourself, enter “real-estate spain” into Google and see what you get. I get 258,000,000 results – the competition is tough. Are Viva missing out? Something is obviously not working for them otherwise they would be thanking Google for all the traffic and saying what a good response they get from their email campaigns and landing pages.

A further section of this hilarious article entitled “Don’t stop at the Homepage or Property Search” tells you to find out about the company by reading their “About Us” page.

I agree that there are many agents who will try and rip you off. Some will even take the time to write articles criticising other agents’ methods 😉

I would agree that you need to check out any agent before handing any money over and my suggestions are as follows:

Search in Google for the agents name but add any of the following words:  scam, fraud, complaints, rip-off.

For example search in Google for “Viva Estates complaints” or “Viva Estates fraud” or “Viva Estates scam“. You’ll be amazed what you find considering the article they have just written!

You may also want to visit The Rip-Off Report to see what else these conscientious agents have been up to!

Having never worked at, or dealt with, Viva Estates in any way I am not able to criticise their business practices personally. I am however in a position to comment on their hypercritical article as I have lived in Spain for over 7 years and have worked in real-estate for the whole time. I am fully aware of all the scams and dodgy selling methods that were used by most of the agents on the coast, including Viva Estates, and many complaints were received and many upheld. It was rumoured that the rising number of complaints was one of the reasons that Viva Estates closed down only to re-open re-branded as Your Viva.

Just a shame they weren’t smart enough to change the domain name too as they still use