Airports Record Increase in Passengers

Following a great start to 2016 for tourism, February showed a continuation of the trend.

During February Andalucian airports reported a total of 1,243,314 passengers spread over 14,760 flights. The total for the first two months of the year increased 16.2% over the same period in 2015, standing at 2,374,543 passengers.


Málaga - Andalucía's busiest airport
Málaga – Andalucía’s busiest airport

According to data released by AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) the busiest airport in the region, over the first two months of 2016, was Málaga which saw 1,527,221 passengers. This represents a 15.7% increase over the same period last year.

Málaga passengers were spread over 12,646 registered flights, also the highest number for the region. This was an 11.9% increase over the previous year.

According to the report Málaga Airport “continues on the path of growth with which it closed 2015,” recording a huge rise of 17.8% more passengers and 14.5% more flights in February 2016, compared to the same month last year.

Other Regional Airports

The airport with the second highest number was Seville with only 599,541 passengers. This is also an increase over the previous year representing a rise of 15.5%. Seville also registered a 3.3% increase in flight numbers with 6,355 recorded operations.

Federico García Lorca (Granada-Jaén) saw a 12% increase with 107,734 passengers passing through, while Almeria recorded 78,484 passengers, a massive increase of 35.4%.

Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) saw 60,137 passengers pass through, representing an increase of 21.3%, while Cordoba was the only Andalucian airport to report a decline in passenger numbers of -3.4% to only 876 travellers.


The majority of travellers were on commercial flights, accounting for 790,747 of the total. The majority of those travellers were on international flights, a 16.8% increase over 2015.

Internal flights (between Spanish airports) accounted for 146,834 passengers which shows good growth for the domestic market representing a 21.7% increase, while the number of flights also increased with a 17.9% gain.

In terms of passenger origin, the UK remained the largest source of tourism sending 226,819 travellers to Spain during February, an increase of 17%.

Second was the Germans with 68,753 passengers while the Netherlands accounted for 46,908 travellers.