The Brexit Referendum and Property Sales

PM David Cameron
The Prime Minister is pushing to remain in the EU

On June 23rd, 2016, the UK will go to the polls to decide if they want to remain a part of the EU or go it alone.

As a result of the announced referendum there has been a lot of scaremongering from both sides of the argument and many people are unsure what a “Brexit” might mean for them, especially those that already own a property in Spain, or live there permanently (or in other EU states).

I have been receiving emails from my friends suggesting that if the “Leave” camp wins I will be kicked out of Spain, along with all other Brits. There have also been rumours suggesting property owned by Brits will be appropriated by the Spanish government; Unlikely, but nobody can be sure at this stage. I hope that as I have lived in Spain as a registered resident and tax-payer for over ten years I will be able to stay.

I have also read that there is already talk of a reciprical agreement between the UK and Spain as there are also many Spanish people living throughout the British Isles.

Of course, at this point it is all speculation and rumour. Nobody is sure what will happen and I certainly am not listening to either David Cameron, who is pushing to keep the status quo, or Boris Johnson, who is pushing to leave. Both of them are talking rubbish and trying to scare us into following them.

So what do you all think about it?

I would like to gauge what effect this whole shenanigans is having, if any, on prospective property buyers. I’d like to ask, if you were thinking of buying a property in Spain (or other EU state), are you now likely to wait until after the referendum or proceed as planned?

Please submit your answer below and check back in a few weeks to see the outcome.



2 thoughts on “The Brexit Referendum and Property Sales

  1. Jon

    I am not sure of which way I want to go. I have an apartment in Spain and I worry what the position will be if we exit. As you say, everyone is wildly speculating and, as there is a 2 year lead time before any exit is complete, I am sure that everyone will have time to plan.

    1. Hi Jon, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I doubt it will make any difference either way. Brits live/own property all over the world; in Australia, the USA, etc, and they are not part of the EU. Equally, many Brits lived in Spain before the advent of the EU. I can’t see why it would change.

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