Housing Price Index (HPI) – Q4 2015

At the closing of the fourth quarter, the annual variation of the HPI decreased three tenths to 4.2%

In terms of the type of housing, the rate actually increased 1 point for new property to 5.8%, while the annual variation for resale property dropped half of one point to end the year at 4.0%.

What this means for house prices is that new home prices rose by 1.3% above the base. For resale properties prices fell by 0.3%.

When looking at annual variation by autonomous community most regions saw a decline. The largest decrease was recorded in Cantabria which fell 2.8 points to finish the year at 2.0%, while Asturias saw a drop of 2.2 points to end at 1.3%. Andalucia also registered a decline dropping 1.4 points to finish at 3.0%

The region with that registered the largest increase was Valencia whose rate increase nine tenths to 3.0% and the Basque Country which saw an increase of seven tenths, to 1.7%.

Once again, when looking at the quarterly variation most regions saw a negative figure. The largest decline was seen in Asturias which recorded a 2.5% fall, followed closely by Cantabria and Galicia which both recorded variations of -1.4%. The highest quarterly rates were records in Basque Country and La Rioja with both at +0.7%. Andalucia recorded a small drop of seven tenths.

House Price Index Q4 2016, Spain