Housing Price Index Shows Increase

2015 Second Quarter

At the close of the quarter the annual rate of the HPI stands at 4.0%. This represents an increase in house prices to 4.2% when compared with the previous quarter.

Following a decrease of 0.6% over the first quarter of the year, the second quarter finished with a flurry increasing by 2 and a half points from 1.5% to 4.0% with increases showing in both new and resale property.

The index for new properties increased to 4.9%, representing almost one full point increase on the previous quarter, while the index for resale property increaseed 2.7 points finishing the quarter at 3.8%.

The rates also increased across the country with all autonomous communitites registering an increase, other than Castilla La Mancha, where the rate remained at 1.8%.

The greatest increases were shown in Cantabria and the Balaeric Islands with increases of 5.4 and 4.5 points, respectively.