Spains banks offer second houses at half price or 3 for 2 to off load surplus properties

Some Spanish banks are now offering houses at half price or buy two get one free in a last bid to sell homes on its books.

For the banks it is not enough to sell the stock of unsold properties one by one between individuals, NCG  (Nova Caixa Galicia ) bank has now launched a campaign that offers customers the second property at half price, but the promotion does not end there, other bids published by the institution is the embodiment of three for two, a third property for only the price of the sum of the two properties of the highest amount paid.

NCG bank said ” If you buy a home, we offer the second for half price ” and ” if you buy two homes, we offer you three for the price of two”, so state the two mottos of the last campaign NCG bank ran which aims to shed more than 1,100 of the properties on its books.

NCG Bank are now offering supermarket style discounts on properties

The bank on their website explain that until January 31st 2014 those who purchase a home from the real estate group Novagalicia bank have the ability to buy another home of equal or lesser value at a discount equal to half its price.

As indicated by the terms of the promotion, individuals can access this property in two ways, the first for the purchase of two properties that have the same retail price ( PVP ) in which a reduction of 25 % on the price shall be made in each case.

The other option is that if two properties are acquired at a different amount including the same percentage discount on each of the houses they realize that ” the sum of the amount of the two equivalent discount offer a 50 % discount the lower priced property ”

NCG bank options do not end there, like a supermarket they are offering properties using the slogan get “three products for the price of two”, like a stock clearance.

The campaign affects a total of 1,036 homes with prices starting at 10,600 euros , 48 detached houses with a starting amount from 10,526 euros , 78 townhouses from 2,321 euros and 7 semi-detached houses from 41,700 euros.