Marbella and San Pedro have not received 88 million euros to help unemployed

The PSOE has defended the need for the town of  Marbella for a new city project ” employment as a priority ” and has demanded that they promote equal policies ” not that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer “, and has been assured the secretary general of the socialists in Malaga, Miguel Angel Heredia who visited the Marbella area on Monday, along with the leader of the PSOE in the town  José Bernal.

In this regard he recalled that the Socialists have asked the National Government for an employment plan for Andalusia, ” but we were told no. ”

To create employment requires that plan, because we have more than 15,200 unemployed and more than 17,500 job seekers, he noted , ” The mayor – Angeles Muñoz – has not had the courage to demand it from her own party colleagues. ”

The major of Marbella has not had the courage to ask for subsidies to help the local unemployed

We are demanding an employment plan worth 200 million euros, which would account for four million euros for Marbella, but it has not been accepted as they have made in other communities such as Extremadura and the Canary Islands. Heredia said that 20 percent of  Marbella families have all their members unemployed and the PPs´ measures ” have only brought more unemployment, higher taxes , fewer rights and more inequality.” Measures such as labour reform have resulted in instability and temporary unskilled jobs. Of the 5,308 contracts that were given in Marbella in October, only 480 (9%) were indefinite, ” he expressed and has criticized the city government for raising taxes.

” The middle classes are being hit hard “, while management has defended the Government of Andalusia, in particular the plan against social exclusion has allocated 623,000 euros to starting employment in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara, of which must be added 90,507 euros to help consolidate. Meanwhile Bernal said Heredia ‘s visit to the neighbourhood of Divina Pastora was intended ” to communicate to the neighbours who have another two years of the present Spanish government to add to our municipality abuse. He explained that in 2014 Andalusia will receive 1.220 million less, implying that Marbella and San Pedro cease to receive 22 million euros that could have been spent on infrastructure or ordinary spending. “In the three budgets since ​​Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took over there has been 5,000 million less for the autonomous regions, which means that Marbella and San Pedro have not received 88 million euros ” added Bernal.

In this sense, the leader of the socialists in Marbella has stressed that ” in our city, the board is fulfilling its obligations and has launched a plan exclusion worth over 700,000 euros “, adding that on the contrary municipal budgets reflect ” a decline in state transfers of 600,000 euros when the board, despite the cuts transfers remains the same for 2014, namely more than five million. ” the State Budget is not providing any financing for Marbella and San Pedro, and also the Marbella PP refuses to ask Rajoy to come and meet our city and to return the money that the Treasury will enter through fines imposed for corruption in the form of plans employment and investments, ” he concluded.