Tips to help sell your Spanish property

Here are some keys points to help you to sell your house to a foreigner, whether they are Russians or Chinese, French, British or German, foreigners really are encouraging the Spanish property market. Selling land to foreign investors is one of the best opportunities in the current market.

Although  purchase data shows prices are still far from the peak they reached in the boom years, foreign – resident and non – residents bought 12,070 homes in the third quarter of 2013, representing 17.2% of total operations in Spain.

However, selling a home to a foreign investor, whether resident or not, is not easy, although you the public must know how to reach them. Here are six points that can help you get it sold:

Selling a property in Spain is not that easy

1 – . Think who may be interested in your house

Not everyone looks at things the same and sometimes the country of origin can give us clues, a large majority of foreign buyers, whether or not resident here maybe looking for a second home in coastal towns, scenic or tourist cities. However it is possible to find buyers seeking housing in a city for work as in the case of Chinese citizens.

2 – . Consult which nationalities are more interested in buying your Area

It is important to know that British buyers are still the biggest part of the market, but now buying more than ever are the Belgians, Dutch, French, Germans, Russians and North Africans, this means you have to be more select where to advertise your house, the wording of the advert and what languages to put the advert in.

3 – . Succeeds with language

Market your property to other nationalities and get a hint of possible languages ​​to write the ad, but it is also important to be well written in each of the languages ​​chosen, try not to do a quick translation,  if you do not speak the language well hire a reliable translation service.

4 – . Sell ‘ lifestyle ‘

Some buyers will buy a house on the coast due to sun, sea and Mediterranean climate and the location, a flat in Madrid will attract buyers that may prefer cultural and leisure activities, good communication , gastronomy and architecture. Find something that appeals to them and highlight the environment and what you can offer.

5 – . Well connected

To a foreign buyer this is vital, a citizen of another nation if buying a home here, whether a resident or not a  will probably travel with some regularity to your country, to visit yours, or receive visits,  if you highlight that you have a place  easy to travel to this it will be a big plus when it comes to selling.

6 – . Use the internet and social networking

Is one of the best ways to reach international audiences, think also to advertise to tourists who come to spend a few days and try to advertise on property portals to work with other countries.

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