AVE Between Spain and France to Start on 15th December

In accordance with an agreement reached between the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, and the French Prime Minister, Francois Hollande, at the 23rd Spain-France summit held at La Moncloa Palace last week, it has been confirmed that the AVE high speed train service will connect Spain and France for the first time on 15th December, when it will run between Barcelona and Paris.

Tickets for the direct AVE service between the two countries, which will link Barcelona and Paris in a journey time of six hours and twenty five minutes, went on sale last Thursday at a price of 170 euros, according to Renfe and the French railway operator SNCF.

The Ave high speed train will travel between Spain and France

The two companies, which will together operate the service, are to launch an initial offer of two connections in each direction daily, linking Barcelona with the Parisian capital.

Departing from Spain, the train will leave Barcelona Sants station at 0920 and 1620 hours, arriving at Paris Gare de Lyon at 1553 and 2245 hours, respectively.

Likewise, the two daily connections between Paris and Barcelona will depart from the French capital at 0715 and 1407 hours and arrive in Barcelona at 1340 and 2040 hours, respectively.

Renfe and their French counterpart announced in a joint statement that in order to “compete directly with the plane and the bus,” they are to offer “dynamic and competitive prices”. The 170 euros price-tag of an economy class ticket, for example, can be reduced to as little as 59 euros after applying different discounts, said the operators.

Article source: Kyero.com