Unemployment rises in October

Queues got longer in October
Queues got longer in October

The number of unemployed people registered at the offices of the public employment services (formerly INEM) rose by 128,242 in October, which is up 2.7% compared to September, and put the total number of people unemployed in Spain at 4,833,521, the highest level in the comparable historical series, which started in 1996, reported the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The October increase, a month in which unemployment historically tends to increase, is the third rise in a row after the August and September figures, and the third worst registered for this month in the historical series after October 2008 (+192,658 unemployed) and October 2011 (+134,182 unemployed).

In this regard, the Secretary of State for Employment, Engracia Hidalgo, stressed that although the rise in October cannot be considered a “good thing”, it is less than it was last year, and marks five consecutive months in which “unemployment has performed better than in 2011.”

Since October 2011, unemployment has increased by 472,595 people, or 10.84%.

According to the employment data, unemployment rose in October for both sexes, but more among men, with an increase of 69,008 (+3%), compared with a rise in female unemployment of 59,234 (+2.5%), bringing the total of unemployed women to 2,440,825 and 2,392,696 for men.

Unemployment rose in October in all sectors except in construction, where it fell by 3,670 people (-0.48%). Services accounted for three-quarters of the rise in unemployment in October, with 97,610 more unemployed (+3.4%), followed by agriculture, with 24,401 more unemployed (+15.1%); industry, which added 8,888 more unemployed (+1.7%), and the group without previous employment, with 1,013 more unemployed (+0.27%).

The rise in unemployment in October was more pronounced among those over 25 years of age, with 107,638 more unemployed (+2.5%), while among the under 25s unemployment increased by 20,604 persons (+4.4%).

The foreign population in Spain increased their number of unemployed in the tenth month of the year, recording 17,890 more unemployed than in September (+3%). In total, the number of unemployed immigrants stood at 605,959 at the end of last month, which is a decrease of 9,806 unemployed (-1.6%) compared to October 2011.

Unemployment down in two regions

In October, unemployment rose in all regions, except in the Canary Islands and Valencia, where the number of people unemployed fell by 993 and 867, respectively. Among the increases, the most significant were noted in Andalusia, with 32,139 more unemployed, and Castilla-La Mancha (+16,791).

With regard to the provinces, unemployment fell in five, especially in Valencia (-3,406), Castellón (-820) and Las Palmas (-727), and it rose in all the rest, especially in Madrid (+12,897) and the Balearic Islands (+9,474).

In terms of recruitment, El Mundo reported that in October a total of 1,427,173 contracts were recorded in the employment offices, an increase of 10.2% from October 2011. Of these, 130,632 were permanent, equivalent to 9.1% of the total, and 34.3% higher than the same month of 2011.

In the first ten months of the year, the total number of contracts reached 11,558,721, up 4.1% from the same period in 2011. Of these, only 7.8% were permanent, with a total of 908,090, 5.4% less than in January-October last year.

Article source: Kyero.com