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IMS - International Mortgage SolutionsThis week has seen a number of mixed messages coming out of Spain.

On a positive note Q2 saw the highest amount of property sales to foreign buyers recorded for 4 years.

On a more negative note,( dependant which side of the fence you are on), house prices continued to drop reaching 2004 levels, with an expectation prices will drop further over the next 12 months. It has always been my personal view that prices would need to drop to 2002 levels before any sort of recovery happened and we are looking very much like we are heading this way.

The Spanish independent Bank audits are due out this week with the Spanish Government stating that the amount of cash required will be in line with the previously expected 60 billion however other sources are rumoring the situation has worsened since the initial figures were published and that the amount of extra capital required could be as high as 120 billion Euros.

The 12 month Euribor for September for mortgage completions and reviews dropped to 0.87% the lowest ever recorded level with all indications suggesting a further drop in October.

Mortgage pricing has remained stable since the last round of increase in margins which took place late July and early August. Average margins above Euribor being granted are around 3.25%.

There has been no visible relaxing of criteria’s by the Banks and in the medium term this is highly unlikely to happen particularly given that part of the deal for releasing emergency capital includes a change to their overall regulation.

The Bank of Spain requirements on due diligence of mortgage applications remains historically high. Paperwork requirements for “ know your client rules” and the level of evidence a Bank must hold on file to justify lending is extreme even for low loan to values. Mortgages are still being granted but applicants can expect to be requested to supply extensive evidence of affordability including what appears to be various duplication in paperwork requirements.

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