Things to do on your Spain trip

Guest post by Andy Butler

Spanish tapas
Tapas are very popular across Spain

If you have decided to head to Spain on your next holiday, here are few ways that can make your Spain trip easy, fun and memorable. Spain, being home to some popular cities of Europe, has all the ingredients for that perfect holiday. Madrid, Barcelona, and Cordoba are some of the few beautiful places to see in Spain. A lot of planning must go in the trip to Spain to explore its beauty to the fullest. Here are few things you could do in Spain.

Traveling around Spain

Buses and trains are a great way to travel inside the cities. In Madrid and Barcelona, the underground metro systems are safe and easy to use. They are pretty cheap and quick too. Use this mode of public transport to get to your destinations safely and quickly in Spain. The metros also have easy-to-understand maps which can guide you easily. Moreover, trains and buses are the best way to explore a new city.

Must see places

Though there is plenty to do in Spain, here are few places you just cannot afford to miss. ThePlaya de Las Catedrales Beach in Galicia has beautiful rock formations along its shores. The Sitges offers a beautiful beach and some great nightlife spots around the beach. The Alhambra Palace in Granada with its red-bricked walls is a fantastic sight. Costa Brava houses the Salvador Dali Theatre Museum which is famous for its interesting architecture.

Food habits in Spain

The Spanish believe in a modest breakfast and an enormous lunch. Coffee is almost like a morning ritual and can be found easily in any of the coffee shops which open by 7 in the morning. The famous term ‘Tapas’ owes its origin to Spain. Tapas is a small dish served with a drink. The dish could be just anything. A cheese and ham toast with a fine tasting glass of wine is tapas. ‘Go for Tapas’ is a famous term in Spain. So do not look confused if you hear it too often.

Art and culture

Flamenco is a form of art that combines dancing, use of guitar, singing and handclaps. Make sure you witness one of these finest forms of art unique to Spain. There are events which organize these or you could find it happening in any of the restaurants.


There are some very famous festivals that take place in Spain. So you could plan your holiday around that time to witness some unbelievably beautiful customs. The Semanta Santa, Pamplona Bull race, and the La Tomatina are some major events that take place which one has to experience in a lifetime.

Speak Spanish

Learn a few common Spanish phrases. They could be useful in restaurants and shopping areas and at the same time fun too. Hola is used for greeting people. Si, Gracias, and favor are used mean yes, Thank you and please respectively. Spanish people are very polite and would love to have you greet them this way.

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