Spain’s Top 5 Music festivals

Guest post by Jonathan Gordon

Whilst Spain is a country that is very wealthy in both culture and tradition which has been well-preserved over the years to honour their heritage, one area which has been adapted and improved is music. Here is a quick list of some of the music festivals in Spain you may want to attend.

Festival # 1 WoMAD Festival in Caceres, Extremadura
WOMAD Caceres 2012Spelled out as World of Music, Arts, and Dance, WoMad is an international music festival that is commonly celebrated in over twenty-seven countries and islands all over the globe including Spain. It is usually held in May of every year. It is considered as one of the best music festivals in Spain because of its wide variety of music artists and dancers all over the country to make this event the one of the greatest music festivals in Spain. Almost one thousand artists perform in the festival for about 1,000,000 people that celebrate this festival. Attendees include the citizens naturally living in the country as well as tourists from different countries who want to explore the wonders of Spain.

Festival # 2 Viña Rock in Villarobledo
This music festival may be considered as another one of the best music festivals in Spain. One of the things that make this festival great is that this is mainly a local festival for the local people, so it is teeming with local culture. It is usually held in the month April. It can be described as a mega rock and pop music festival that is attended by thousands of people that enjoy the fun and excitement of a festival that they can truly call their own. Tourists are welcome to attend and experience a truly one-of-a-kind festival.

Festival # 3 Festimad in Madrid
Usually held during the late part of April and in early May, Festimad can be considered as one of the most popular music festivals in Spain. This alternative rock festival is attended by hundreds of music artists that come from Spain and from other countries. It also features different artists in that are involved in cinema, graffiti art, and talent performances. The festival is a combination of diverse talented artists from all over the world, even though it primarily focuses on performers of the Spanish culture. Attended by approximately 25,000 people each year, this is a music festival that is worth attending.

Festival # 4 Primavera Sound in Barcelona
Every year, approximately 100,000 to 500,000 people, this music festival is also one of the best in Spain. With such diverse music genres that can be enjoyed, people of all ages have come to love this festival. It is usually held in late May or early June. This festival is full of big acts that the people of Spain never get tired of and it happens just before the Benicassim International Music Festival.

Festival #5 Benicassim International Music Festival in Benicassim (between Barcelona and Valencia)
Also known as Festival Internacional de Benicassim (FIB), this festival is one of the best music festivals ever held in Spain. The Benicassim music festival is usually held in July and boasts some of the biggest rock and pop bands. Dance acts as well as various other artist performances can also be experienced during the festival. This is why almost 50,000 people attend the music festival every year and continues to attract many more thousands of people.

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