Immerse into the Hypnotizing Festival of the Flowers in Cordoba

Great care is taken on all the displays
Great care is taken on all the displays

Spain is the most flamboyant precious gem in the glamorous crown of Europe. Spain is like colourful fireworks in the night sky – warm, fragrant and mesmerizing. They say that people living in the south know better how to appreciate life and how to bring out all the delights of it. If you are hungry for unique impressions that an unfamiliar culture will heap you with, Spain is your alluring destination.

If you happen to be in Spain during the glamorous and reviving spring, in May to be more precise, you should definitely include Cordoba in your tourist route. May is the month of the endless festivities in Cordoba, abundant with countless relishes for the senses. Patios, facades and balconies are splendidly decorated with literally tons of flowers, the air is filled with music and the restaurants are serving delicious Andalusian dishes. Spring is at its height, addictive as an opiate for all the guests of the vibrant city. Especially hypnotizing is the night Cordoba – breezy, with illuminated patios and walls, pulsing and alive.

May is the month when in Cordoba four festivals dedicated to flowers and spring are held annually. Concurso Popular De Patios chooses the most beautiful patio and lasts for 10 days. The participants, the local citizens, decorate their homes, the patios and the streets with various flower compositions. Part of the inner courtyards are open to the public only during the festival days. In order to understand the essence of this celebration, you need to know more about the specific architecture of the city. Due to the hot and dry climate, all the Andalusian houses have patios (inner courtyards) – a practice which had been started in Roman times and continues today. Filling these patios with lush greenery, pools and fountains was the way that people kept themselves cool during the harsh heat. This is how the patios have turned into a genuine oasis of beauty.

Financed by the Cordoba Municipality since 1918, this tradition makes Cordoba look like a fairy tale, bathed in flowers and light. Flowers are everywhere: hanging in pots, crawling on the walls, decorating the balconies, along the streets and the cafes, looking like colourful explosions and making you feel dizzy from their bright beauty. Cordoba in May is the Garden of Eden on Earth – you simply can’t stop contemplating the eyeful. Can you imagine a more romantic place to ask your girl to marry you? There is no reasonable explanation why flowers create such a sensuality in women, yet one thing is certain – flowers are the obligatory company for every special moment, expression of gratitude and metaphor for loveliness and delicate beauty of women.

The culture of Spain is strongly intertwined with flowers – these lovely magical plants, reminder of nature’s majesty and power to create perfection. And if you want to demonstrate your fond feelings for someone, to express this wide and rich palette of kind feelings, like love, care, wishes, politeness, appreciation and so on, flowers are playing the role of your personal expression; the message cannot be misinterpreted being more clear than anything else.


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