Unemployment rises by 38,179 in August

Unemployment increased in August
Unemployment increased in August

After four months in decline, unemployment resumed its upward trend in August, a traditionally bad month due to the completion of summer contracts. With 38,179 more unemployed, the total stands at 4,625,634 people, according to the Ministry of Employment.

However, Secretary of State, Engracia Hidalgo, said in a press release that while it is true that the rise in unemployment is bad news, it must be noted that this is the smallest increase recorded in August since 2006, despite the current economic downturn.

Hidalgo also noted that data from recent months show that the growth rate of registered unemployment has slowed, and said that “the Government remains committed to pursuing all necessary reforms in order to promote employment”.

Last month’s increase in unemployment is less pronounced than a year ago, when unemployment rose by 51,185 persons, while in 2009, in a context similar to the current economic downturn, there was an increase of 84,985 unemployed. Also, it is the lowest increase registered in August since 2006, when the number of unemployed rose by 28,693 people, and it is below the average for the last decade.

By sectors, unemployment rose especially in services, with 42,391 people (1.54%), followed by industry, with 6,748 (1.3%) and construction, with 2,482 (0.32%), while it fell in agriculture, with 1,332 fewer unemployed (0.81%) and among the group without previous employment, where it decreased by 12,110 people (3.16%).

Unemployment rose more among men, at 1%, whereas the number of women unemployed rose by 0.67%. Since August 2011, the male unemployment has risen by almost 13% to a total of 2,291,543, and female unemployment by 11%, to 2,334,091.

By age groups, El Mundo reported that unemployment fell among the under-25s, by 4,060 people (0.92%), but rose among that age or older by 42,239 (1.02%).

Among foreigners, unemployment fell by 9,592 people compared to July (1.61%) bringing the total number of unemployed among this group to 585,164.

Unemployment rose in twelve communities, led by Andalusia (10,365 more) and Catalonia (8,090), and dropped in five led by Galicia (2,931 less), the Canary Islands (1.119) and the Balearic Islands (564).

Article source: Kyero.com