Sixteen immigrants take shelter on Spanish islet near Morocco

The tiny islet where the group are staying
The tiny islet where the group are staying

A group of sixteen Moroccan immigrants have taken refuge on a Spanish islet after arriving by patera boat yesterday.

The group, which includes three pregnant women and three children, is thought to be the first to use the uninhibited Islet de Tierra to gain asylum.

There is currently speculation as to whether they could be part of a human trafficking operation run by organised crime groups using the Spanish islets in North Africa as new migration routes.

Although the islet is so close to the Moroccan coast – just 10 metres when the tide is out – its Spanish sovereignty means the group is now under the responsibility of Spain’s government.

The government has guaranteed humanitarian assistance to the group but admitted it is unsure of the next steps to take.

Article source: The Olive Press

Personally, I say leave them there. Don’t send any boats, helicopters or any people. They chose an uninhabited islet so I don’t suppose they will be there too long without food and water. They’ll just go back to Morocco. It’s not like they have to get a flight or a boat.


2 thoughts on “Sixteen immigrants take shelter on Spanish islet near Morocco

  1. DQ

    Things are very bad in morocco — they just killed a woman within the past couple of weeks for adultery, I will find the article. “Sharia law” — it’s horrendous. I am glad they left. I won’t go there. For pregnant women and children to take the trip it must be serious. Also, last year, a judge ordered a 16-year-old girl, Amina Filali, to marry the man who had raped her, in order to preserve her family’s honour.

    She committed suicide in March after she was severely beaten by her husband — if these not reason enough to leave I don’t know what is… they are crazy insane there with their ridiculous laws.

    I hope Spain will welcome them with open arms and give them asylum.

  2. “For pregnant women and children to take the trip it must be serious.” – why? Look at the pic. The land you can see in the bottom right corner is Morocco. The “trip” is 10 metres. Hardly strenuous! Sharia law may be awful to us but it is their culture. Look how England, and especially America, react when someone tries to interfere with their “culture” and “traditions”. I say leave them to it. It may be bad but what is the alternative, war?

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