The Blairs are back in town!

Tony Blair
I can’t caption this photo without swearing

Ex-Prime Minister and warmonger Tony Blair has been spotted with his with Cherie, apparently soaking up some sun at a friend’s house in the little white village of Benahavis.

Tourists were surprised to see the couple at a restaurant in Puerto Banus having attended Sunday mass at church in San Pedro earlier in the day.

Rumors suggest Mr Blair may also be in Spain to meet with Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy while he is here, possibly to talk about the crisis currently crippling the country.

According to newspaper, The Olive Press, there has yet to be any photographs of the couple made available.

This is the third muppet… I mean, politician to visit the country in the last few weeks. Both Prime Minister David Cameron and his cowardly little wimp of a deputy, Nick Clegg, were here last week.

Cameron went to Mallorca and Clegg visited Valladolid, a few hundred miles north west of Madrid.

I hope Blair isn’t here too long. If I was lucky enough to bump into him I don’t think I could be trusted to be nice.

One thought on “The Blairs are back in town!

  1. DQ

    I hear ya! I don’t think I could be trusted to be nice either — all those NWO cronies and their lies and deceit — they need to go home and stop polluting the Spanish air with their evil. They are just part of the Bush/Obamination family — all of them moving towards a one world government…. I wonder where they think they will fit in? Idiots.

    Here’s the latest on the US Marine kidnapped by the Secret Service/FBI/CIA in the USSA:

    I am sure the UK has it’s share of folks who have been “disappeared” or “suicided”….. scum, that’s all they are, just scum.

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