Barcelona and its World of Art

Guest post by Mitchell Zavich Zunia

Barcelona, SpainSpain, which is the most varied of all the countries in Europe, pays homage to its history, bullfighting agenda, hedonism, holiday villas, and most especially, ARTS. No other nation in the world produces marvel in their masterpieces like it does – from traditional to contemporary. This country is full of life, culture, and credence. People say that stepping into its realm brings you to another universe as its land beyond the mountains has a character and personality so stunningly different, where the sun beats down mercilessly.

Spanish art is so distinct. It is characterised on experimented pictorial techniques and effects on light and textures. And this kind of exploratory trend finds its roots in painters such as Joaquin Mir and Casas who represent the predecessors of impressionists. Aside from this eccentric style, came the rise of avant –garde led by Pablo Picasso which made blares and hullabaloos. Later then, pop art, minimalism, modern art installations, and abstract expressionism crowded the European Art scene.

Barcelona, as Spain’s most cosmopolitan city and one of the Mediterranean’s busiest ports, also boasts in their arts competence, as shown in their numerous galleries and museums, a midst Europe’s heavy concentration on hi-tech and bio-medical business. The racing heart of Barcelona never skipped a bit.

Here’s the top 5 art museums/ galleries that Barcelona prides itself on:

  1. Picasso Museum – This museum is located in Malaga City. It was inaugurated on the 27th of October 2003 by the King and Queen of Spain. And because Picasso’s works are too many to display, some are queued outside the museum’s narrow pedestrian for free public appreciation. Alongside the building are bookshops and cafés – all specialising in Picasso’s modern arts.
  2. Joan Miro Foundation – This opened to the public on the 10th of June, 1975. It has been dedicated to artists who saw the opportunity to promote and publicise their works. During when Spanish art was minimal, the Foundation conveyed a different yet refreshingly and dynamic concept of art.
  3. Tàpies Foundation – This foundation is not only an avenue for arts but for education and research as well.  It seeks to protect and distribute all the museum’s significant documents and material, as well as its educational resources so it could help facilitate information about Antoni Tàpies’ contemporary works.
  4. Mies Van der Rohe Pavillon – Exhibitions and lectures are hosted in this foundation. Aside from disseminating knowledge about its designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, it also features modern and contemporary architecture in general from either a historical or present-day point of view.
  5. Catalan National Art Museum (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) – It is the national museum of Catalan visual art. It is especially noteworthy for its outstanding collection of Romanesque church paintings, and Catalan arts which includes: 1) Romanesque art; 2) Gothic art; 3) Renaissance and Baroque art; and 4) Modern art.

These are just among the many art wonders of Barcelona where one can visit, enjoy, and relive once again the historical impression set by its artists. Let me quote Octavio Paz’ statement: “Art is an invention of aesthetics, which in turn is an invention of philosophers… What we call art is a game.”

Mitchell Zavich Zunia is a native of Pennsylvania, and has graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in International Studies. She is a field photographer for a high- flying publication in Pittsburgh. Also, she’s the online content coordinator for You may follow her on Twitter @MitchellZunia

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  1. Barcelona city is very beautiful in all over the world.Many places are so attractive and good architecture all the oldest buildings.Parks is so beautiful specily jeorge and so many other in barcelona.I think most famous in all the Spain.

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