Dear Terry Harris…

… you could have just asked! As you didn’t, I’m glad it cost you money and I hope you realise that exact pic is on at least 10 other websites.

You are obviously very bored to bother with me, a one-man-band, not for profit, and information only. Why you spent money on that, when some big sites with millions of visitors who make money are also using your pic, is beyond me. I can only assume you are a sad, lonely man.

For those wondering, I received a DMCA Takedown, via WordPress.

I was given no opportunity to defend myself. A form was filled in by “some bloke” saying that I had “stolen” his photo and WordPress just took down the entire article. No questions, no due diligence, no “innocent until proven guilty”, just gone.

They say it is a legal process, in which case where is my legal right to defend myself? It’s a disgrace.

Saying that, the article was written in April so was not even current or being read, making the whole thing even more pointless and even more of a waste of money!

There are some really sad, really bored people in this world and to me, they are surplus to requirements. Why do we want people in this world that exist solely to irritate others? Their only reason for getting up in the morning is to cause problems and they bring no benefit to society.

Mr Terry Harris – you are one of these people.



6 thoughts on “Dear Terry Harris…

  1. DQ

    Ok, now what happened? What article in April? I don’t see it — please provide a link to it. What a jerk! Why not just ask you to remove whatever it was before acting like a pansy-ass and whining to WordPress about it? He must be a government bureaucrat — that’s how the government handles things, never upfront and straightforward — always have to be an ass about it. Kind of like what is going on in the USA right now with retired Marine Sgt Brandon Raub — this is just the beginning and a sad state of affairs that is not just in the USA…

    Former Marine Unlawfully Detained for Facebook Posts

    Be sure to watch the actual “non arrest” in the video — it’s disgusting and alarming 😦

    1. Shocking! But not surprising, I’m sorry to say. It’s the same everywhere. Civil liberties are eroding all over the world.

      As for this DMCA thing, the article is actually there but with a no-image placeholder. I think he is a photographer over here in Spain but I’m not sure. Thing is, how did I “steel” it from him? I linked it from another news site so maybe I handled stolen goods. So shoot me! I don’t make any money from this blog so you’d think he’d be glad of the free publicity! But no, go crying to mummy and stir up problems for people you don’t even know.
      It’s here:

      1. DQ

        What a douchebag that guy is lol (he’s obviously looking for some attention)… What was the photo of? And why isn’t WordPress checking into things before nuking someone? Sigh…. just signs of things to come — wait! They’re already here 😦

        I, for one, know that you would not “steel” anyone’s stuff, no matter what it is, so don’t worry about one insignificant moron. You just keep on doing what you do, and we’ll be here for you πŸ™‚

  2. Chris McCarthy

    Well photographers do have copyright on their work, so maybe you shouldn’t take it so personal, personally I like your site even though you had a sort of semi pop at me once, and am wondering should I be miffed you never found a picture of me…! But yep Mr Harris should have just asked I think, that would have made more sense, I found you quite friendly and approachable.

    1. Ahhh… stop it, you’ll make me blush πŸ˜‰

      I totally agree about copyright and whenever the author/photographer is known I attribute their work. However, I linked this particular image from the Olive Press (if I remember rightly) and had there been a copyright note I would have copied that too. I always attribute work when I can. And, in my About page the following line is clear to see:

      “All images are copyright their respective owners and will be attributed where known. If anyone has any issue with any images used or the content they should let me know.”

      So why didn’t he just let me know? He could have saved himself some time and money!

    2. DQ

      Hi Chris:

      I totally get what you’re saying here, but I’m willing to bet there was no name associated with this photo — I’ve never known Andy to not give credit where credit is due — and he even puts up with me here, so what can I say? Gotta love him πŸ™‚

      You are also quite right when you say that Harris should have just contacted him and it would have been handled quickly and efficiently — Andy is an honorable man with good intentions here, and I would not hesitate to say he would have handled it right IF he had been given the chance.

      So if you will post a photo, you can consider yourself “unmiffed” lol (I know Andy would approve!)

      Andy is friendly and approachable — and is doing quite the job for people everywhere in keeping them updated on the happenings in Spain and the surrounding areas.

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