Tossa de Mar – Indulge in a Journey Back in Time

Costa Brava Spain
Spain’s Costa Brava

Guest post by Ella Andrews

Costa Brava is among the most preferable Spanish destinations having the enviably rich potential to make the dreams of its guests come true no matter their capricious preferences and expectations, both with jaw-dropping scenery and historical landmarks. This piece of heaven is combining the peacefulness of the sea, a plethora of amusement options and surrounding beauty, which is the common background for every view, with the typical twang of Spain. The seaside strip of the resort is “sprinkled” with terrific beaches and picturesque gulfs making your decision which one to choose harder than expected, but you will most definitely find your most cherished vacation spot.

Your tourist itinerary has to be headed by the Medieval resort Tossa de Mar – a small city with charming narrow cobblestone streets in which the spirit of history is floating in the air so that the admired visitor will soon be struck by the sensation that the time has stopped. Tossa De Mar can be viewed as a living museum of Medieval Spain where all the ancient constructions are being exposed under the glamorous veil of stars for centuries.

Being probably the most beautiful coastal community, right in the Spanish heart, Tossa de Mar quickly captivates families, young adventurers and history buffs who are searching for the kind of excitement that only the shadow of the past can give. The city has been established exactly where the Roman fortress Turissa used to lie. The Church dating back to 14th century, the fishermen houses and the narrow streets overflowing with bars are encircled by Medieval fortified wall which today still brags three excellently preserved towers. The Old Town is deservedly being proclaimed as а national treasury. You will be amazed of the intriguing remnants of the past, of the rusty-coloured roof tiles, and the massive pieces of stone blocks on which the time has written its history with moss, and the bright contrast that the sea is creating. Small houses with walls covered with ivy and blossoming bushes everywhere add the sweet odor of the flowers to the salty humid air. Small cafes and restaurants will beckon you to sit for a refreshing drink, to dine with local specialties and simply enjoy the magic you are in.

Tossa de Mar started its life as a small fisherman village and during the Medieval times its importance rapidly grows with the construction of the fortress aiming to defend the Spanish territory from the coming in flocks African pirates. Once you step across the threshold of the fortress porch, you will enter an old-time labyrinth of narrow cobble-stoned streets. You will imperceptibly be mesmerized by the play of colours, which gives the reasonable explanation why the village is firstly being noticed as a splendid blessing by the artists: painters, writers, poets. This small but precious sea pearl marks the lives of Frank Sinatra, Marc Shagall and Ava Gardner.

Tossa de Mar is also famous for its superior Mediterranean cuisine. Rumour has it that some of the best fish restaurants in the whole country are there. All the dishes are cooked with the freshest possible sea food – the Fish Market opens up as early as 5:00 AM in the morning. Now, imagine the hot hand-made “peasant” bread with olives and olive oil melting in your mouth and a glass of top notch wine to make you vanish in the uniqueness of the atmosphere.

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