The wonderful city of Malaga

One of the worlds most popular tourist destinations

Guest post by Mark Barry

Malaga - Gateway to the Costa del Sol
Malaga – Gateway to the Costa del Sol

Malaga, situated in Andalusia, Spain, is one of the major tourist attractions on earth today. The place carries great significance as it encircles the memories of one of the greatest painter mankind has ever known – Pablo Picasso. Presenting glorious history of 2800 years, the city is now considered among the oldest cities of the world.

Let’s explore more about the amazing Spanish city, its major attractions, social life, entertainment and nightlife and most importantly the overwhelming history of civilization Malaga features.

History of Malaga: stranger than fiction, more colourful than dreams

The city is located on the shore of Mediterranean sea. The city was first discovered and explored by Phoenicians in 770 BC. The name Malaga (Malaka) originates from Finish meaning salt; the reason behind such naming refers to the salty fish invariably caught and sold on the shore and nearby vicinity.

Later, the city revolved around imperialism, monarchy, military governance and autonomous governance through the last 1500 years. First, the Romans acquired the city, then the Arabs; later it was taken over by Catholic monarchs. Finally in the 1960s, the city attained it’s current status of being an autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.

Entertainment and nightlife in Malaga

Malaga is a vibrant city featuring live Spanish music, enticing culture, liberal thoughts and ethnicities. There are plenty of gay and lesbian hotspots around the city. There are numerous bars, nightclubs, music clubs and many more. Theatres here present Spanish culture through the cinemas, dramas and documentaries. Attraction parks here introduce the tourists to Malaga’s exclusive crypto zoology.

At the same time, you can attend the flamenco shows, visit the go carting tracks, Malaga football club and many more sights. The city presents much historical evidence of it’s evolution through thousands of years. A car ride across the city will help you explore numerous attractive historical memoirs and complete your Malaga tour.

Here are some of the major tourist entertainment spots:

  • La Bodega Malaguena: It’s a vibrant bodega bar
  • Sala Wengé: A live music club for social gatherings
  • Weekend Café Bar: A popular cocktail bar in the city
  • Teatro Romano: A music club with HD TV, live music and sports
  • Casanova Lounge Club: A vibrant lounge and cocktail bar

Hotels and Restaurants in Malaga: authentic cuisines, great taste, cost-effective options.

Most tourists visiting the city take great interest in authentic Spanish cuisine. Fortunately, none are disappointed with the restaurants and bars here. There are numerous hotels and restaurants featuring high quality authentic foods from different international cuisine.

The tapas bars are also considered as one of the major food attractions of this historical shore-town. The price of the foods here are comparatively cheaper than other cities of Spain. At the same time, the city presents some cosy, comfortable, yet cheap residency options for tourists. There are some attractive resident-hotels, cottages and flats available across the town.

Here are some of the lucrative residency-options for the international tourists:

  • Restaurants: Café de París, El Chinitas, Adolfo, Escuela de Hostería, Parador de Málaga-Gibralfara etc.
  • Hotels: Parador de Málaga Golf, Hotel La Bobadilla, AC Málaga Palacio, Parador de Málaga-Gibralfaro, Hostal Derby etc.

Malaga is also known as the California of Europe for its comfortable climate, generous people, vibrant culture and numerous activities. Tourists around the world have always been attracted to the city. Truly the seaside Spanish town is one of the most amazing leisure destinations on earth today.

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