Critics beware – Rajoy v’s The Media

Ana Pastor the latest "political" victim
Ana Pastor the latest “political” victim

As Mariano Rajoy’s government introduce cuts and tax increases to try and fix his huge budget deficit it seems that journalists who question his methods are risking their jobs.

Presenter of Los Desayunos de TVE, Ana Pastor, is the latest neck to be chopped for “political reasons”.

Spanish politicians have got used to having the press on their side but in the face of a financial crisis some difficult questions need to be asked and Pastor was one person prepared to ask and to call her subjects to account.

“They’re getting rid of me for acting as a journalist,” Pastor said.

She is the latest is an ever-growing list of journalists who have dared to question the governments austerity measures and subsequently been removed from their posts at the national RTVE radio and TV channel.

The channel announced the departure on July 4th saying it was because she had refused an offer to present an evening programme.

Pastor explained: “I thought they were going to offer me something [else] but there was nothing of substance. The head of news said we should both think about my future but it was all vague. He said let’s see what happens between now and January. They didn’t want to say I was sacked, but I was, and I’m not one to hang around earning public money and doing nothing.”

She also said that is was plain to see the politicians don’t like “uncomfortable interviews”. Another source at TVE said the government was “allergic to discussion”.

This departure follows the sacking of Fran Llorente who had been the head of news at RTVE and was accused of politcal bias by the government. Another former news anchor, Pepa Buena, said Llorente was “under constant pressure” from government officials.


One thought on “Critics beware – Rajoy v’s The Media

  1. DQ

    This is not new — but perhaps Rajoy is finding out what an idiot he is and doesn’t like it.

    Those who’ve been “sacked” should partner up and begin a new venture together — like minds is an excellent start to something new.

    Now you see why “MSM — Main Stream Media” in the USA is worthless. Those who own such huge companies are the backers of politicians, and are therefore controlled by them. Alternative news is the way to go — I’d love to see these “sacked” journalists going to the internet to do their jobs!

    Now, people of Spain are seeing what a complete loser and fraud Rajoy and his cronies are. He’s just a puppet like most all other PM’s and Presidents. Those who have the real power are the banksters and elite.

    I don’t see this getting better before it gets worse, I am sorry to say 😦

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