Malaya corruption case concludes

Alleged mastermind Juan Antonio Roca
Alleged mastermind Juan Antonio Roca

The Malaya corruption case – the longest case ever seen in Spain – has concluded.

The case lasted 22 months, across 199 sessions, involved 86 politicians, a mountain of evidence from both sides, evidence from business people and Marbella citizens and could result in a 30 year prison sentence for the alleged mastermind of the corruption, Juan Antonion Roca.

We now have to wait up to eight months for the verdicts to be delivered – eight months? Haven’t they had long enough to make up their minds already? I wonder how much it has cost too!

As part of his final defence Roca appealed to the jury to reflect upon why a child murderer from Huelva received a 22 year sentence yet he could face a sentence eight years longer for “financial crimes”.

He also suggested that it was not possible for him to receive a fair trial as his name had been dragged through the mud constantly since the case began. He expressed deep regret for “the damage that has been done to Marbella and its citizens.”

During the final session a number of the defendants stated criticised the judge for his handling of the case, while others wept and pleaded for a fair sentence.

The case surrounds allegations that the town hall received “back-handers” to the tune of €33 million in exchange for granting property licences on non-urban land. Sessions began back in September 2010, when the tribunal president promised “absolute independence and impartiality”.

The case began with 95 suspects but nine people have since been cleared of all charges.

One thought on “Malaya corruption case concludes

  1. DQ

    8 MONTHS TO DELIVER THE VERDICT? Who’s on who’s payroll here? That’s crazy talk! In the USSA, you go to court, and before you leave the judge/jury renders their verdict — you know immediately. Why the wait to deliver the verdict? What idiotic reason could there be? That’s just some stupid judicial practice right there.

    And what about the corrupt fools at the town hall? What kind of “deal” did they make? What sentence did they get?

    A 30 year prison sentence? That’s ridiculous as well! He should have to serve some time and have some sanctions on him regarding what kind of business he should be able to have in Marbella or the whole of Spain even. Holy crap. This whole country is jacked up. What a sad sight for the entire planet to watch…. (just sitting here shaking my head in disgust)…

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