Gibraltar rejects ranking as worst environmental offender

The Rock is a major bunkering location for fuel
A major bunkering location for fuel

Gibraltar has dismissed ‘misleading’ claims that it has the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world.

The Rock topped a survey by the US Energy Information Administration, which measured petroleum consumption by each country relative to its population.

But Gibraltar’s health minister Dr John Cortes claimed the figures were ‘a misrepresentation of the reality’.

He said the survey failed to consider the Rock’s role as a major bunkering location for fuel used by the shipping industry.

“The majority of (bunker) fuel sales in Gibraltar are not consumed nationally but form part of the international shipping industry,” he said.

“When this figure is divided by the small population (approximately 28,000), we naturally appear to be the worst in the world.”

He added: “The world carbon emissions league table is misleading, reducing its value as a tool for climate change mitigation.”

Article Source: The Olive Press


One thought on “Gibraltar rejects ranking as worst environmental offender

  1. DQ

    I mean REALLY. Who gives a rat’s ass what the US government bs energy information administration thinks! The entire freaking government lies! lol

    Gibralter should not even pay it one nanosecond of time to this bogus waste of “hot air” report!

    The USA is just bad mouthing them because they “don’t comply” with the demands of the US gov regarding snitching on bank accounts! lol

    It’s just Amerika flexing her bully muscles again — screw them!

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