Puerto Al-Thani plans suffer setback

Port plan requires changed before approval is given
Port plan requires changed before approval is given

The plans submitted to the ayuntamiento (town hall) for the redevelopment of Puerto de la Bajadilla have suffered a setback.

Part of the plan included a 200 room, 5 star hotel, with a footprint of 20,000m2, to be situated in the port but the department respoinsible for the sustainability of the coast and ports refused to approve the building as current legislation does not allow this type of construction at a marina and because it could hinder “access to the marina”.

The decision to refuse the application was based on a restrictive interpretation of the Coastal Act of 1988, which is still in force. Article 25 prohibits within the easement area “buildings for a home or rooms.”

However, there are precedents in other port areas where the possibility of building hotels was allowed through its inclusion in special programs.

One possible solution that came from discussions was the possibility of reserving the plot of land for “future development” pending any future legislative changes. If this was allowed the rest of the development could go ahead.

The issue of access to the marina is easily remedied. “They are negotiating a number of defects, corrections and clarifications, as a prerequisite for approval,” a spokesman said.

The decisions from the Department of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea, which imply a negative rating for the ports infrastructure, has not yet been officially announced and the parties involved are yet to be officially notified. However, according to sources, a verbal warning has been given to the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, which officially denies any knowledge of the matter.

A solution to this is a prerequisite for approval of the main redevelopment plans.

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        Thank you very much. Without having to contact them directly, do you know if the project is currently being built? I read there were some zoning issues holding it up?

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