Most Spaniards unconcerned with Gibraltar disputes

Not important to many Spaniards
Not important to many Spaniards

SIX out of ten Spaniards do not think the dispute over Gibraltar is important enough to be part of the country’s foreign policy, according to a survey.

The findings come at a time of heightened tension between the UK and Spain over the issue of the Rock’s sovereignty and ongoing legal wrangling over fishing rights.

Half of right-wing voters rated the dispute with Gibraltar as ‘quite’ or ‘very’ important in Spain’s foreign policy, although this figure dropped below 30 per cent for voters on the left.

The poll, by the Real Instituto Elcano, also suggests a split in public opinion over the handling of the fishing dispute, with 44 per cent preferring to see an end to the hostilities.

However, 60 per cent of voters on the right want diplomatic pressure to be increased, while 51 per cent of liberal voters want tensions to be reduced.

Article source: The Olive Press

One thought on “Most Spaniards unconcerned with Gibraltar disputes

  1. DQ

    This whole thing is ridiculous! Do the Spanish politicians think if they keep whining about this, the UK gov will give in ? LMAO!

    They need to stop bringing in NON-ISSUES and get to fixing their country before the EC has control of IT ALL.

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