Spanish investors most optimistic over future of Euro

According to a study published on by JP Morgan, large private Spanish investors are the most optimistic in all of Europe about the future of the European Union.

The study, based on 325 surveys, revealed that 92% of the Spanish participants considered that the eurozone will manage to avoid any defaults in payments and that the austerity in spending will finally be rewarded.

After Spain, the other most optimistic countries are Ireland and the UK, with 90% and 85% respectively.

With regard to the opinion of high net worth investors in the eurozone, only 6% feared that a severe global depression would occur.

Also, 45% of the private European investors believe that the European equity is the most undervalued risk asset.

Meanwhile, 24% of the investors see parts of the housing sector as an investment opportunity, followed by equities (11%) and high yield bonds and oil (10%).

El Economista reported that with regard to the sectors that might perform better in 2012, investors consider these to be the technology sector, followed by the banking sector and the mining companies.

The director of strategy at JP Morgan, César Pérez, stated that although “the risk has increased” concerning European politics, they expect the markets to continue operating.

“The arrival of Mario Draghi to the Presidency of the ECB was positive for the markets because it increases the possibility that this central body could act as a last resort buyer,” he added.

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3 thoughts on “Spanish investors most optimistic over future of Euro

  1. Henry III

    Quite amusing really, again another display of how terribly inept Spain is, their leading investors “confident of euro recovery” its alomost laughable, the Euro fell to an 11 year low against the Yen today and Spains bond yield is now (if I remember correctly) 7.28% Well done another instantly failed prediction and an absolute display of why granting Spain a bail out package was a complete waste of my tax revenue.

  2. DQ

    A report by JP Morgan? Now there’s a huge joke! JP Morgan Chase bank has accumulated $70.151 Trillion of derivatives! I wouldn’t believe one single word from anyone associated with that bank! lol

    And JP Morgan Chase has the LARGEST amount of derivatives! Which, IMO, makes them one of the biggest fakes and thieves!

    “With regard to the opinion of high net worth investors in the eurozone, only 6% feared that a severe global depression would occur.” And the rest are in denial. There already IS a severe global depression occurring NOW! There are so few countries not bankrupt that you can count them on one hand! lol

    Dump the euro and usd, hold other currencies and you should be able to weather this global mess.

    There will be no euro recovery lol

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