Elephant killer dumped by WWF

The King (bottom right) with WWF officials in 1968
The King (bottom right) with WWF officials in 1968

Spain’s King Juan Carlos has been dumped as the honorary patron of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The Spanish branch of the WWF voted overwhelmingly to remove the Monarch following the appearance of photographs on the web depicting the King posing beside his trophy elephant, and the public outcry it generated.

Not only was the King removed as honorary patron, the position itself – held by Juan Carlos since it’s inception in 1968 -was scrapped.

This is yet another blow for Spain’s royal family whose popularity has waned over recent months. This year alone the family has had to contend with corruption allegations against the King’s son-in-law, Queen Sofia’s rejection of an invitation to attend Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee dinner and the appearance on the internet of a photograph showing the King posing, with rifle, next to a dead elephant. This raised eyebrows further due to the timing of the extravagant trip. The King swanned around Botswana while 24% of Spain was unemployed.

Although the hunting trip was legal and regulated by the authorities in Botswana it didn’t sit well with some of the WWF’s members.

“Although this type of hunting is legal and regulated, many members consider it to be incompatible with the position of honorary patron of an international organization … that aims to protect the environment,” the group said in a statement.

I also found another photo of him posing with two dead buffalo (at least I think they are buffalo). You can see the pic here: Dead buffalo

2 thoughts on “Elephant killer dumped by WWF

  1. Henry III

    Just another indication of what a backwards society Spain really is, and how ignorant and out-of-touch their monachy really is. All this in the wake of the images of Bulls being set alight at paloma… Sick, discusting individules.

  2. DQ

    The WWF is a bunch of hypocritical asses, IMO.

    If they truly cared about the environment, they would have not made a fuss over the much-needed and regulated hunt of a wild elephant. The elephants are not endangered themselves, yet they do endanger the humans living around them. To leave the elephant population to grow uncontrolled does, in fact, harm the environment there. They are wild, mean and territorial, and do not stop at killing humans they see as in their way, or in “their territory.”

    The monarchy is just a figure-head at this point, whoopie doo. No big deal. If the King has the money to fund his trips, which he did on this one, then who is to say he’s wrong? He can spend his money any way he chooses, just like anyone else.

    Personally, I have never hunted, but I do know the meat is given to the local villages, so they do prosper at that point in having meat and other “parts” to sell or utilize. This hunt helped a lot of people, and considering the cost, it helped the country as well.

    IMO, he did nothing wrong. Not one thing. The King is not the problem of the Spaniards, Rajoy is the problem. So let’s stay with the issue here and not get side-tracked by some self-serving WWF fools.

    The bull run? Don’t get me started on that fiasco. That’s just plain dumb, IMO.

    And, yes there are a lot more folks out of touch with reality in Spain; like those thinking the EU bail out will help lol That’s a joke. This financial situation is a mess and cannot be fixed. All these global “bail outs” are just to give the EU and other cabals, a way to control a country’s assets and finances.

    And yes, Andy, I think those are two water buffalo. I don’t know the facts on that hunt, but I suspect it was the same thing — regulated and the meat went to villagers.

    I’m not sure how the royal family can help the unemployed; they did, however, volunteer to lower their salaries 7%. For some this is good, for others, they will complain no matter what anyone does to help the country. You just can’t do enough for some folks; they’re genetically programmed to bitch about anything and everything without doing one bit of research.

    I’d like to see the FAT in government removed. These governments are far too large, and unjustifiably so.

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