They can’t always get what they want

It seems to me that whilst The Rolling Stones are getting satisfaction after 50 years of hard slog, Eurozone ministers are finding after a considerably less period of time “they can’t always get what they want” and the crisis rumbles on.

With the recently discussed bailout for Spain of around 100 billion euros and the immediately agreed 30 billion euros to help restore confidence in the Spanish banking system hopes were strong for the euro. However as we know nothing is free in life and Spain has had to reassure the EU that they can raise additional revenue so they increased VAT from 18% to 21% and of course further spending cuts are on the cards. With long term bond yields suffering in both Spain and Italy and the threat of Greece seeking new terms for their bailout confidence unfortunately in the zone is at the moment very low.

The UK cannot escape concern particularly with the LIBOR scandal still ongoing and the launch of the Funding for banks, it now remains to be seen if the banks will pass on this money to its clients and in doing so at what rate! One piece of good news for the UK however was the UK trade balance was lifted by exports and the trade deficit fell for the first time in 4 months.

The rest of the world also has many concerns, pace of growth in China and lets not forget the US where weaker global growth is starting to take its toll, watch out this week for results from many of the multi nationals, poor results could open up a can of worms.


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One thought on “They can’t always get what they want

  1. DQ

    “The UK cannot escape concern particularly with the LIBOR scandal still ongoing and the launch of the Funding for banks, it now remains to be seen if the banks will pass on this money to its clients and in doing so at what rate! ”

    Well, the LIBOR rate-fixing just shows one place where the elite have controlled the people and stolen money for themselves via the rate-fixing, and it goes much wider and higher from there.It is a scandal of huge proportions; the scheming, conniving, conspirators got something that they didn’t expect — it blew up in their faces! This scandal reaches out far beyond the UK, and hopefully this will start to open the eyes of the people on this planet that something B I G is going on!

    Pay attention to whistle-blowers in the news and the online news — you’ll begin to see what’s really going on!

    The banks in the USSA/Amerika NEVER used the billions and billions of bailout funds they got from our communist thug president for the people! They gave themselves raises and bonuses and generally stopped doing loans! They continue to foreclose on homes instead of re-writing the loans so people can reorganize their lives and get back to paying the mortgage. There are more homeless families now than ever in the USSA. More families living in vacation trailer parks, in their cars (if they still have them!) on the street, in hotels and crappy apartments.

    The “bailout” funds were never meant for you or I; they were, and are meant for large masses of wealth to be transferred to the banksters who run the countries (think prime minister/presidential puppets), and make this huge wealth transfer RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES — what could we do about it? They just sit and laugh and build their account balances off shore.

    This is so much more than a “conspiracy theory” — you just saw a big mess of it with LIBOR! There are not theories, it’s all real and happening right in front of us.

    The euro is another “price fixing” deal — look, the EC got several countries to give up their own currency (bad bad bad bad idea!!!) and let these countries slide down the slippery slope to insolvency — bankruptcy. So now the EC says, “oh, we’ll come on in and help you as long as you keep the euro as your currency (wink-wink) and bail you out.” “AND, by the way, you have to agree to our terms (32 different terms for Spain alone!); one of which is for you to allow US the EC to control your banking!”

    What a load of crap that is! And the countries are falling for it! Not to mention the leaders — who probably knew this the entire time!

    None of this bailout money is for you or me. That’s a fact. We need to make our own way — reinvent ourselves and figure out ways around their scams and schemes.

    I say let the banks have ALLLLLL the real estate it can foreclose on. Let THEM have it. Go rent an apartment and let’s see how their “books” look with all that empty property not bringing in one single peseta or usd or euro! We can work this people, just be smart about it


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