The crisis runs deep for some people

Marbella Town Hall
Marbella Town Hall

As the crisis continues and the banks receive yet another cash injection it would be nice if those who caused these problems could spare a thought for the real people who are feeling the effects of their poor management.

The bankers have all enjoyed their bonuses despite causing the largest and widest reaching financial downturn ever recorded. But while they sit in their plush offices looking down on the people who’s lives they ruined do they even know that some people have been pushed so far that they see little chance of recovery and little or no future for them and their families.

One man has gone further than most but I’m sure he felt like he had no other choice.

Last week the man, in the construction industry, walked into Marbella town hall clutching a pile of documents.

He is said to have been involved in commercial work for the town hall during the GIL era and is said to be well known in the area.

Once inside the town hall he sat patiently waiting for his turn, with a pile of invoices on his knee. He was there to demand the administration pay him money owed but it is understood that there is no record of the debt.

On hearing this the man slashed his wrists in the office of Carlos Rubio, co-ordinator of taxes and personnel.

An ambulance was called and the man was taken away for treatment.

The town hall reportedly paid of some 10 million euros of debts to over 400 companies through the government-approved loan scheme set up to help town halls pay off suppliers.

What the government-approved schemes don’t do is protect any of the workers in this country. Big business is being helped, the banks are being helped while on the streets taxes are going up, IVA has been increased and public spending is cut. Is there anything positive for the people on the streets? No.

3 thoughts on “The crisis runs deep for some people

  1. DQ

    Oh no!! I am so sorry for this man 😦 I hope he can regroup and get some legal help — free of charge!

    He has invoices, that is proof enough. Pay up Marbella!!!!!

    This whole bailout has nothing to do with the people, it’s about helping the banksters who lined their own pockets! Shame shame shame!

    Please keep us informed on this man’s recovery.


    1. Hola DQ.

      I’ll try and find out what I can about him.

      This is going to get worse now too because in the face of all this austerity the government are about to embark on the challenge to host the 2020 olympics. So millions more taxpayers euros are going to be siphoned away from public services and pumped in to a boasting event.

      Hosting the olympics could bankrupt this country. From what I have read nobody has made a profit from hosting it for a long time. We should look to places like Denmark. They don’t win world cups or olympic medals but they have a social system that works. Life should be about living, not showing off. The country needs to look after it’s people rather than trying to look good.

      1. DQ

        Thanks 🙂 This guy needs to know that there are folks out there that understand his pain and are thinking of him.

        Spain cannot afford to host a fly on the wall. What a joke! Spain cannot control it’s government spenders so how can it control the Olympics? The UK just invited the horrible molesters the TSA from the US to help with it’s security — that’s like throwing gasoline on the fire — those TSA workers are horrible!

        Spain would have to clean up it’s act, and so far I only see Rajoy and his cronies spending more money, not cutting the fat from the government. They need to start from within government, not by looking to the people to re-line their pockets.

        I’d be willing to bet that Spain loses the bid for the Olympics…

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