Shock utilities hike

Switching on just got more expensive!
Switching on just got more expensive!

From July 1st the price of electricity went up by 3.9%, natural gas by 2.3% and butane gas bottles by 5.7%.

This follows the government-approved hikes in April of 7% for electricity, 5% for natural gas and 5.7% for butane bottles.

Both unions and opposition politicians have labelled the measure “a blow to householders’ pockets,” with the combined increases meaning that in just three months electricity has gone up by 10.9%, natural gas by 7.3% and bottled gas by 8.6%.

Socialist party (PSOE) spokesman for sustainability Hugo Morán lamented that the Partido Popular government had approved such large increases when just one year ago it said that any rise “would be against the interests of the country and would seriously hit the economy”.

“We believe that the government can do something to stop these utilities price increases and that they have a duty to do so,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Shock utilities hike

  1. DQ

    Wake up folks! Just like any other wanna-be president or dictator, THEY LIE to get into office, then screw the people! Duh! This is the oldest trick in the book — W A K E U P!!!

    The Obamination in Amerika lied continually through his campaign, and once in office, WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS did everything he said he wouldn’t — and more.

    France thought Sarkozy was bad, now they have the communist Hollande in there and he’s asking for taxes ONLY ON THE RICH to be 75%!

    Yep, you don’t appreciate what you have till it’s gone…… Rajoy? A liar with the best of ’em.

    Yes, let’s raise taxes and prices on utilities and groceries and all things we need to live day to day, so that the PEOPLE CAN PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT’S LIES AND GREED.

    I don’t know about you, but this sounds like pure BS to me… Time for revolucion everywhere!

  2. DQ

    and! another thing — let these greedy b******s raise the rates all they want — we need to get to solar and wind power energy, and hydro power where available. Let’s show them that greed will only do to them what it did to the bankers!

    These greedy folks are just pushing us to do what we should be doing already — going solar, wind and hydro power!

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