Property sales volume down 3.8% in May

Sales figures still falling
Sales figures still falling

The number of property sales in May 2012 was down 3.8% compared to the same month of the previous year. On a year-on-year basis the number fell by 11.6%.

This is according to figures released by the National Institute of Statistics.

The number of property transfers recorded in the land registries, from public deeds previously registered, was 141,719 in May, that is, 3.8% less than for the same month in 2011, and 21.1% higher than in April 2012.

In the case of registered merchantings of property, the number of transfers was 60,003, representing an interannual decrease of 11.6%, and a decrease of 22.9%, as compared with the previous month.

Merchantings recorded in the land registries

84.6% of the registered merchantings corresponded to urban properties and 15.4% to rustic properties. Among the urban properties, 53.7% were merchantings of dwellings.

The number of merchantings of rustic properties decreased 1.8% in the interannual rate in May, while that of urban properties decreased 13.2%. Within the latter, merchantings of dwellings decreased 11.6%.

Registered merchantings of dwellings, by protection system and status

89.5% of transfers of dwellings by merchanting in May were free housing, and 10.5% were protected housing. In interannual terms, the number of transfers of free dwellings by merchanting decreased 8.4% and that of protected dwellings decreased 31.5%.

48.0% of the dwellings transferred by merchanting in May were new, and 52.0% were used. The number of transactions on new dwellings decreased 10.3%, and the number of used dwellings decreased 12.7%, as compared with May 2011.

Geographical distribution

In May 2012, the total number of property transfers recorded in the land registries per 100,000 inhabitants¹ was highest in the Autonomous Communities of Castilla y Leon (664) and Aragón (601).

The Autonomous Communities showing the highest number of registered merchantings of property per 100,000 inhabitants¹ were Castilla-La Mancha and La Rioja (both with 235).

By registered merchantings of dwellings, the Autonomous Communities in which the number of transfers per 100,000 inhabitants¹ was highest were Comunitat Valenciana (103) and Andalucía (90).

62.1% of merchantings of dwellings in May 2012 were recorded in four Autonomous Communities: Andalucía, Comunitat Valenciana, Cataluña and Comunidad de Madrid.

You can download the press release here: Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights – May 2012

¹ This data was calculated from the revision of the figures of the Municipal Register for the year 2011. Only the population aged 18 to 84 years old was considered.

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