King of Spain in trouble with the WWF

King's hunting not conducive to the WWF
King’s hunting not conducive to the WWF’s message

That doesn’t mean the King is under threat from Hulk Hogan or The Undertaker… no, it’s the other WWF, the World Wildlife Fund and they are not happy about their “Honorary President” hunting elephants in Botswana.

Following the appearance of photographs in April depicting Spain’s King Juan Carlos standing beside a murdered elephant members of the Spanish branch of the Word Wildlife Fund (WWF) are to hold a meeting to discuss the monarchs position as it’s Honorary President.

The King has heard calls for his resignation since his hunting trip to Botswana made the headlines due to an accident in which he injured his hip. The accident occurred while the King was on a trip hunting a ‘vulnerable’ species of elephant and the news, along with a photo from a previous trip, quickly spread across the internet causing great embarrassment for the 74 year old monarch.

A petition was started online calling for his resignation from the post which he has held since 1968. The petition quickly amassed 70,000 signatures.

The WWF contacted the Royal household directly, shortly after the incident came to light, saying that the King’s actions had “provoked enormous contempt among members and in public opinion in general against the hunting of elephants, even when it is carried out in a legal and regulated way.”

The King’s fate will be decided at a meeting on July 21st.


One thought on “King of Spain in trouble with the WWF

  1. DQ

    OMG! Enough of these groups bashing the king already. Has anyone read up on elephant population in this area and what it does to the vegetation and people? Kill one elephant and that’s horrendous; yet many people are killed each year due to elephant attacks. Let’s get real here.

    I have two articles to share with you about the surging elephant population and it’s damage to the area’s farming, and to the people that die. Let’s read up before we freak out about one elephant ok???

    And I’m gonna say it right here, I don’t think the king did a bad thing by going on this hunt. So rant and rave as you will, but it’s a serious problem to not keep the elephant population down.

    that is the Kalahari Conservation Society so they might know something we don’t? Read it.

    and this next part is part of a long article so I just copied and pasted it — be patient, read it and learn:

    “The management of wildlife in Botswana falls under the Department of Wildlife and National Parks through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (DWNP-MCI). As mentioned before the increased population of elephants can partly be attributed to prudent policies on the part of this ministry. As of the early 1980s when the hunting of elephants was imposed, it was restricted to situations where they were in one way or the other in conflict with human population. This selective shooting has been minimal. Also the government has embarked on anti-poaching activities which include the establishment of anti-poaching units around the country. To try and control the population, the DWNP-MCI has attempted strategies, which had faced various setbacks. One of them has been the Conservation and Management of Elephants in Botswana in 1991 which attempted to maintain the elephant population at the levels of 1990 (which was around 50 000), this was however defeated by the high rate at which the population was increasing.
    Another component of the plan was to control the population by culling and or capturing them alive, this was however discouraged by the listing of the Elephant population on Appendix I of CITES which implies that Botswana will not be able to engage in the international trade of products derived thereof and therefore the plan could not be financed by international agencies. Sport hunting was also reintroduced in 1996 with a limited CITES approved quota of 80 elephants which was mostly undertaken to benefit the community that resides in areas adjacent to elephant populated areas and as such bear the costs that come along with increased elephant population. However this sport hunting as well other above mentioned measures, as a result of the fact that they were implemented on a minimal scale, had a near zero impact on the population of elephants. This is also coupled with the fact that tourism is an upcoming valuable and self-sustaining sector for the country which is expected to provide the country with foreign exchange earnings even when other money earning natural resources have been exhausted, therefore according wildlife management highest priority.

    As mentioned at the beginning the increasing elephant population brought with it many environmental and other problems to the affected areas. These problems pose a danger to the existence of elephants themselves, other wildlife, as well as human beings. Many tree species such as the acacia tree and vegetation, which is important for the survival of elephants and other wildlife, has been negatively impacted upon. As for people living in areas adjacent to elephant populated areas this has resulted in the destruction of their crops and property, and the elephants have posed a constant threat to their lives. All this poses a problem for the country because the government has to constantly compensate people whose lives have been disrupted by the elephant population. Statistics show that in 1995 and 1996 alone seven people have been killed by elephants with one having had to undergo leg amputation as a result of elephant attack. Tourists from different parts of the world frequent the northern part of the country. Therefore this threat has also been extended to tourist so that elephants are now acting as a deterrent to tourists which then comes as a tremendous cost to government because tourism is one of the leading foreign exchange earners in the country. In 1995, the number of tourist visitors to national parks and game reserves stood at 50 000, a two fold increase over the 1994 figure.”

    My opinion from reading all that? People are more important than animals; where people’s lives are concerned, the animals must be controlled, not the other way around. The king has nothing to be ashamed of, and this is a non-issue as far as I am concerned. People need to stop running their mouths and do some research first.

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