Reforms ‘Will be a Milestone for Spain’, Says Rajoy

Reforms "will be a milestone for Spain" - Rajoy
Reforms “a milestone for Spain” – Rajoy

Spanish Prime Minister and leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has announced his own new and ambitious structural reforms which, he stressed, “will be a milestone in the modernisation of our country”.

In his address to the PP National Executive Committee, earlier this week in Seville, Rajoy used Spain’s success at the recent European Council summit to launch an optimistic message and reiterate his “reformist speech.”

El Mundo reported that Rajoy welcomed the outcome of this Council, but said that Spain will now “step on the accelerator”. “We will do more and we will do it well,” he said, not without warning of the announced reforms which will have their effect “later”.

Notice to the Regional Governments

Rajoy targeted four immediate reforms – energy, the Administration, unity of market and regulatory bodies – and launched a very specific message to the autonomous communities. In the absence of all the regional chairmen of his party, Rajoy warned that they should make “greater efforts” to reduce the deficit.

Without specifying much beyond his commitment to deficit reduction and the reform of the financial system, the bulk of his speech was aimed at passing on his optimism to the Spanish people.

“I know that the current circumstances are complicated,” Rajoy said, “we have not reached this position by chance or bad luck, but because things have not been done well. As those of you know who protest the government decisions. There are reasons for concern but many more to overcome it. But there is no room for discouragement, and the first step towards success is knowing that we have the best goals to achieve it”.

“I have no doubt that we will,” Rajoy insisted, “I want to convey to you here that I am absolutely convinced that Spain has a great future. Absolutely convinced.”

Courage and confidence

The Prime Minister even specially thanked the collaboration of the Spanish in the Government tasks, saying “The attitude of a great many Spanish fills me with pride,” and “thanks to the Spanish for the courage and the confidence with which they are taking this situation.”

“We Spanish have every reason to trust ourselves. Even at the worst times we have lost the enthusiasm to get ahead. We are not going to sit and wait for things to change, we change them ourselves. I am fully aware that the Government can not do everything, but it can do everything in its power to develop the full capabilities of the Spanish, and so benefit Spain and each other.”

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