Benalmádena mayor ousted by PP

Paloma García Gálvez, Elías Bendodo and Francisco Salido. A. S.
Paloma García Gálvez, Elías Bendodo and Francisco Salido. A. S.

It happened in 2009 and it has happened again in 2012. The Socialist mayor of Benalmádena, Javier Carnero (PSOE), is to lose control of the Town Hall for the second time thanks to a motion presented by the PP and UCB councillors. In 2009 he had completed two years of his term of office; this time he has only lasted a year.

Until now the Socialists have controlled the local authority thanks to a coalition with councillors from the independent UCB group and IU. Last week three of those UCB councillors have signed the proposal for a vote of no confidence made by the PP, who were the most voted party in 2011 with eleven councillors.

According to the new agreement Paloma García Gálvez will be the new mayor of Benalmádena and UCB leader, Francisco Salido, will be first deputy. The UCB councillors will keep the same responsibilities held at present while the PP will take over the departments run by the PSOE and IU members. The motion will be formally voted at a special council meeting on June 23rd.

The coalition formed by the PSOE, IU and independents in Benalmádena in 2011 came as a blow to the Partido Popular who saw a red patch appear on what otherwise is a totally conservative blue Costa del Sol. Now the PP have managed to fill the gap. Provincial party president Elías Bendodo justified the vote of no confidence by the “ungovernability” of the municipality due to the attitude of “permanent blockade” shown by the PSOE and IU. “Today Benalmádena starts its future”, said the proposed new mayor Paloma García Gálvez. Javier Carnero said that the motion could only be justified by “personal and party interests” adding that this was a sad “déjà vu”.

Source: Sur In English