Roca’s lawyer calls case to be dropped

At the center of the case - Juan Antonio Roca
At the center of the case – Juan Antonio Roca

As Spain’s long running Malaya corruption case continues the legal team representing the man at the center of the case, former municipal real estate assessor Juan Antonio Roca, have called on the judge to drop the case.

Roca’s legal team claim that there had been a parallel case due to the television coverage the case received. They also said that archives from Maras Asesores should not be admitted as evidence. Of course they would say that because they showed the secret accounting of Roca and form the basis of the prosecutions evidence against Roca.

The prosecutor in the case, Juan Carlos López Caballero, has demanded an “exemplary” sentence to send a clear message that this behaviour will not be accepted.

“We cannot allow this behaviour to be repeated”, he said

“This was the first time in Spain, since democracy, that a Town Hall has had to be dissolved for the repeated abuse of legality and the state of law,” he added.

The Malaya case opened in September 2010 to investigate corruption in Marbella Town Hall. The prosecution presented their final report on Monday at the close of the 181st session of the case.


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