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Go to Google and type “los andaluces son” and see what Google suggests you may be asking.

You have typed “Andalucians are” and it seems Google’s opinion is that Andalucians are lazy, stupid, illiterate and false. Although it isn’t really Google that thinks that. The search is based on previous popular searches. If one million people search for “los andaluces son vagos” (andalucians are lazy) then that will be remembered by Google and will be presented as an option.

These stereotypes are often applied to the region and it’s people – possibly due to the laid back lifestyle and year-round beach weather.

However, three proud Andalucians have taken steps to reverse the opinion of Andalucías people.

The men, all with marketing backgrounds, have created a website intended to “infiltrate” Google’s memory and replace negative adjectives with positive ones.

Habacuc Rodriguez, 31, Fernando Munoz, 35, and Antonio Cabello, 35, decided to launch to help change the results, and opinions of Andalucía and it’s residents.

Speaking to the Olive Press Rodriguez said “Our challenge is to clean up the online reputation of Andalucians,”

The website works by asking visitors to click a button which will ask Google to search for “Andalucians are” plus a positive adjective from a list including ‘hardworking’, ‘incredible’, ‘creative’, ‘sporty’, ‘strong’, ‘special’, ‘original’ and ‘the best’.

These searches will all be saved as part of Google Trends, meaning subsequent searches will suggest more positive options.

The results have been most impressive and have already changed some of Google’s suggestions.

Within the first week 30,000 people had “clicked”, and within the first month that figure had risen to 150,000 with contributors from as far away as Ghana and Australia clicking in defence of Andalucía’s reputation.

“We have managed to change 100 per cent, but is not quite there yet,” said Rodriguez.

The men admit that their efforts are only a small drop in the internet ocean and combating or changing opinion is a long process.

“For this we would need another type of campaign which targets all those movers and shakers who spout out completely unfounded negative comments and generalisations about Andalucians,” Rodriguez said.

Go to the site and give it a go. Andalucía and it’s people need you! Los Andaluces Son


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