Tarifa needs you – Save Playa de Valdevaqueros

Tarifa – Ten kilometres of white sandy beaches, unspoilt countryside and some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe. Just 11 km across the Straits of Gibraltar at its narrowest point, this southern-most tip of Europe where the Med meets the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys spectacular views of the Rif mountains of Africa across the water.

Build a hotel here? Crazy!
Playa de Valdevaqueros – Build a hotel here? Crazy!

Environmentalists, and me, are totally outraged over plans to construct a hotel and housing complex on one of Europe’s last unspoilt beaches.

The initial green light has been given by Tarifa Town Hall to build on a staggering 700,000 square metres of dunes – the equivalent of 700 football pitches – on the unspoilt Playa de Valdevaqueros.

The 84,000m² development, which is being promoted by GMT and architect Juan Munoz, will create 1,423 hotel places and 350 homes on the beautiful untouched coastline.

But green party EQUO argues that the scheme breaches EU legislation because it sits between El Estrecho and Los Alcornocales Natural Parks which are on a UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve.

“There is still much that can be done to avoid bricking over the unspoilt Valdevaqueros beach,” said EQUO spokesman Juan Jose Lopez Uralde, who insisted the town hall’s decision was “bad news” but that “it was not over”.

“The brick economy has led us into the pit where we are now; the same recipes are not going to help us get out of it.

“The town remains committed to economic and development models which have failed in practice and only contribute to enriching the few while destroying the heritage of all.”

Meanwhile over 8,000 people have now joined a Facebook group protesting against the decision and they could do with support so please go and Like the page, Save Valdevaqueros Tarfia

But the PP Mayor of Tarifa, Juan Andres Gil, continues to defend the project and has accused the protestors of damaging the local economy.

Important Update: Please read update and statement from  Tarifa Town Hall.

10 thoughts on “Tarifa needs you – Save Playa de Valdevaqueros

  1. DQ

    I hope they don’t get to build this development and ruin this beach — someone higher up than this corrupt mayor needs to step in and stop it.

    Why are so many mayors in Spain corrupt? THAT is a question I would like to see answered and dealt with!



  2. Henry III

    I cant believe people are actually opposed to this large scale development, Spain clearly has a housing shortage, particularly in Costal areas. Oh no hold on a minute the southern coast has some 1 million empty properties, but thats of no relevence because the mayor only has the local interest at heart, interest in his bank account for the very large brown envelope given to him by the developer no doubt, Spain is an absolute golden shower when it comes to its political structure and appointed representatives. A recent report has highlighted how many of Spains autonomous regions have totally over spent and left huge holes in public funds, seems this idiot wants to follow suit.

    1. DQ

      By jove I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head Sir Henry! “interest in his bank account” would be the the mayor’s “motivation”…… so sad — once he’s in jail, he can’t spend that money!

      As the song goes “another one bites the dust!…” and so shall Mayor Gil…


  3. Funnily enough, the name Gil is synonymous with corruption in Spain. The biggest corruption case Spain has ever seen involved one Jesús Gil. I wonder it they are related?

    “The man whom many blame for Marbella’s rampant corruption, the former mayor Jesús Gil, who was …. blamed by many for first corrupting the town and had already been banned from public office and faced numerous court cases at the time of his death.”

  4. Sitizen

    How could any sane person think the destruction of an area of such natural beauty is beneficial for anything apart from the short-term pathological pursuit of money? This decision should not and cannot stand.

    A public enquiry should be commissioned, i’d love to understand the rationale behind this insane folly.

    1. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about……..

      This planned development is neither on the dunes nor on the beach.

      It’s on the north side of the main road behind and slightly to the west of Hotel 100% Fun

      I’ll leave the rights and wrongs of it to other ‘experts’ but for goodness sake get your facts straight before posting comments on something again you clearly know nothing about.

      1. A bit harsh. Had a bad day? Just relaying the news as I find it. There’s plenty of reports of this and plenty of people talking about it. It’s still a bad idea. Developing that close to the beach is not a good idea. Thanks for the link.

    1. DQ

      Thanks for the link — it’s an interesting read, so we’ll see if that’s really what they mean… it would seem, however, to be very close to the beach area, so perhaps still not a good idea.


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