Illegal building in Benalmadena

Benalmadena joins corruption list

According to reports several municipal workers at Benalmadena town hall have been arrested and charged in connection with planning irregularities. What a surprise!

Two members of the Urban Planning Department were summoned by Guardia Civil officers this week. Meanwhile, other civil servants, including some who are no longer working there, have also been charged. In total there are 10 people under caution.

The accused will appear at the Guardia Civil station in Malaga next week as part of the investigation opened by the Nature Protection Service following complaints received from residents concerning illegal building.

The work was allegedly authorised at a municipal level during the term of ex-mayor Enrique Bolin, reported the Euro Weekly News.

It seems to me that there aren’t any honest government workers in Spain at all. How long until the next corruption headline? Spain should be embarrassed by all this. I write about a newly discovered corrupt town hall official or politician almost every week. Do Spanish government workers have to attend courses on how to be corrupt, how to lie, how to misappropriate government funds?

Come on Rajoy, get your house in order!