Go back to England? Not likely!

Sleep on the beach or go back?
Sleep on the beach or go back to UK?

A spate of stories in the British press suggesting a third of expats are desperate to move home appear to be wide of the mark.

A number of newspapers and an ITN documentary have claimed over the last week that hundreds of thousands are throwing in the towel, tired of mounting financial difficulties.

While bank repossessions are up and some have the feeling of being trapped by an inability to sell homes, it is easy to understand why some may want to jump ship.

What’s more, it is statistically true that last year the number of immigrants leaving Spain outnumbered those arriving for the first time in a decade.

But, according to the National Institute for Statistics, the majority leaving were Latin American and Eastern European.

And many locals are far from convinced that there is such a British exodus.

Aside from celebrated Driving Over Lemons writer Chris Stewart (see article here), in a straw poll of calls made last night to expats on the Costa del Sol, nobody could believe that figure.

“I would be amazed if it is even near 10 per cent,” said Paul O’Connell, who has lived in Mijas for over a decade.

“I am talking to loads of people every day and practically no-one says they are desperate to go.”

Estepona-based Keith Lippingwell confirmed that while some people he knew had gone back, a similar number had moved over.

Estate agent Adam Neale, from Terra Meridiana, meanwhile, insisted that it is ‘absolute rubbish’ and the figure was probably ‘less than five per cent’.

Marketing executive Charles Bamber, based in Torre del Mar, agreed: “It’s a massive exaggeration. The majority of people I know are insisting on making it work and have no intentions of going back.”

The figures are backed up coincidentally by Paul Rodwell, the British Consul in Alicante, who told the Observer earlier this year: “There is no statistical evidence of people returning home. The vast majority of them are enjoying life. People do really pursue the dream and it’s admirable that they have that get up and go.”

Expat Jo Morrison exemplifies the case. Despite falling on hard times after a proposed gym business in Nerja failed when the crisis hit in 2008, she said: “Sometimes we’ve gone without food and I still can’t believe that I don’t have my house or any savings any more,” says the 49-year-old, who now works as a cleaner and rents a one-bedroom house in Frigiliana.

“But Spain is my home now. I’d rather sleep on the beach than go back to the UK.”

Article Source: The Olive Press

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  1. DQ

    Just another bout of fear mongering by the UK government…. I say dig your heels in and make it work!

    Sleeping on the beach is far better than returning to the UK or Amerika.


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