Former La Linea Mayor denounced

Gemma Araujo
La Linea Mayor Gemma Araujo

The former mayor of La Linea, Alejandro Sanchez, has been accused of covering his tracks just days after losing office.

Gemma Araujo, his replacement and the first female mayor of La Linea, claims Sanchez ordered a police van to take a collection of boxes to be incinerated

It is claimed that many of the documents relate to possible illegal activity which took place during the two years  Sanchez controlled the town.

Araujo claims to have “saved” at least one box of “evidence” containing files, identity documents, receipts and records of drug raids.

“A police van was used to transport a series of boxes containing the documents to another part of the city where they were burned,” Araujo explained.

Sanchez has also been denounced for allegedly moving a children’s playground to the family home of an ex councillor. The playground belonged to the town hall and was worth 4,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Gibraltarians are relieved to see the back of Sanchez. The new mayor seems to be Gibraltar-friendly having declared that she has “no intention whatsoever” of implementing “any toll, either coming in or out of Gibraltar”.

Further to this, she has already begun to remove the bollards built by Sanchez and described his policy of harassment towards Gibraltar as a “serious political error”.

One thought on “Former La Linea Mayor denounced

  1. DQ

    Fantasic! Good for Araujo! Glad to see someone standing up and doing the right thing for Spain and Gibralter!

    It will be interesting to see what she found in that box and what happens next. Hopefully she sends a large truck to the family home of the ex councillor and brings back the playground equipment. What a jerk. Who would steal playground equipment?????

    One loser out of office! Yay!


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