1000 years in prison for Somali pirates

Pirates being arrested
Pirates being arrested

Not long ago I remember laughing as I read how some Somali pirates had mistaken a Spanish naval ship for a private vessel or freighter and attacked it. Now I’m laughing at the sentence handed to them.

The six Somali “pirates” attacked the naval vessel from their 12ft wooden boat, after ignoring warnings from the military ship to “cease and desist”.

Now the alleged pirates are facing prison terms of up to 1,122 years! Yes, you read that correctly… 1,122 years.

The judge in charge of the case has indicted the men on 218 counts of kidnapping – one for each crew member on the naval ship. They are also charged with attempted piracy, disobeying orders from a military ship, causing bodily injury, membership of an illegal organisation and illegal possession of firearms.

The charges allege that the men attacked the Patiño, a combat stores ship which was on patrol in the Indian Ocean, after mistaking it for a private freighter or fishing vessel and ignoring the warnings from on board.

The potential sentences range from 893 to 1,122 years in prison.

Original article: Costa-News



4 thoughts on “1000 years in prison for Somali pirates

  1. DQ

    LMAO! That is rich! Why waste funds to keep those killers in prison? Just shoot them and leave them for the fish — they do not hesitate to kill anyone who is not paying ransom…

    I saw a great video of those idiots who had apparently thought they could attack a Russian ship and I will find the video and post it. They got what they deserved in that video.


      1. DQ

        You bet it is — and these won’t be coming back around for another try! lol

        Take THAT you Somali punks! hah!

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