Five Good Reasons to up Sticks and Move to Spain

Guest post by David Showell

In recent years, a growing number of people have turned their backs on their countries of origin to sample life in pastures new, and even during a period of economic recession the human tide shows little sign of abating. Among the most popular destinations of all is Spain, one of the jewels in Europe’s crown. If you’re thinking about joining the España-bound émigrés, here are five good reasons to do so.


Relax - you're in Spain!
Relax – you’re in Spain!

It’s impossible to talk about the benefits of living in Spain without mentioning the stunning weather. Millions of people flock to the country every year for their annual holiday, purely because the hot sun and cloudless skies are almost guaranteed. There’s something wonderfully pleasing about enjoying meals outside, even at night, and the chance to top up the tan on one of the many beaches should never be under-estimated.


The Spanish people, by their very nature, are friendly and welcoming, and they have enjoyed excellent relations with the British for many decades. Spain was the first country to develop the modern package holiday, and Britain’s tourists were the first to discover it, so in recent years there has always been a strong bond between the two. The locals love to take pride in their country, and they tend to welcome people who appreciate it.


If you plan to move from the UK to Spain, one of the first things you’ll notice about your new home is the slower pace of life. Outside of the major cities there is a relaxed attitude that tells you life is for living, and it may take a little while to get used to. When you first arrive you might find this part of the transition a little irritating, but in time you’ll soon start to embrace and even enjoy it.

Property Prices

At the moment, there’s no getting away from media reports about the recession, and Spain has suffered greatly in the recent financial difficulties. Although there are plenty of bad luck stories to be heard, it’s worth remembering that now is subsequently a good time to buy a home in this beautiful country. Current prices are relatively low, but many experts are quick to point out that a recovery will see house values climb quickly.


Thousands of people who have made the switch to Spain in recent years have found out just how beneficial the warm weather and the clean air can be. The health issue is a hugely important one, of course, and the recuperative effects of the climate should not be under-estimated.

David Showell lives in the UK and is a big fan of life in southern Europe. When he’s not day-dreaming about a move to the sun, he’s working for a car hire company. Their website showcases some excellent deals to many destinations.

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