Tourism down in April but up for the year

Frontur tourism
Spain saw 4.5 million tourists in April

According to the latest report from Frontur, Spain received 4.5 million tourists in April, 1.7% fewer than the same month in 2011.

Despite the fall in April the first four months of 2012 saw 13.7 million visitors visit Spain, representing a 1.1% annual increase.

Of the total tourists in April over 3.5 million of them arrived by air and three million stayed in hotels.

The majority of tourists were from Britain and the Nordic regions, whilst the number of French and German tourists also increased. However, the number of Britons arriving fell following two months of increases.

Just over one million tourists were British, yet this was 13% fewer than in the same month last year, showing that Brits are sacrificing their foreign holidays in favour of cheaper English holidays which are being heavily promoted on English television.

By region  Catalonia and Madrid were the only ones to see an increase. All other regions registered a fall in tourist numbers with the largest fall being in Valencia which saw 17.6% fewer tourists.

The number of package holidays also declined in April recording a fall of -1.9%.

The figures are similar to those of April 2009. The figures for 2010 and 2011 were unreliable as they were distorted by a few factors. In 2010 huge numbers of flights were cancelled across Europe due to the Icelandic volcano, and in 2011 the so-called “Arab Spring” saw many people choosing Spain over Turkey and Egypt.

You can see Frotur’s full report here: Nota de coyuntura de Frontur. Abril 2012.