Spain Still Proving to be a Golfer’s Paradise

Guest post by David Showell

Valderrama Golf Course
Valderrama – one of many stunning courses

Even during the difficult months of an economic recession, there has still been an almost constant influx of golfers from northern Europe into the many golfing locations across Spain. Needless to say, the climate lends itself perfectly to the sport, so it’s perhaps not surprising to discover a great number of players return year after to the area.

Although there are several other nations which have warm summers and a number of top quality courses, nobody quite does golf like they do in Spain. Some of the sport’s most famous names have designed courses in recent decades, and many of them have found innovative ways to make the best use of the spectacular landscape.

A decade or so ago, it looked like Portugal would start to eclipse Spain as the top European golfing destination, but that hasn’t transpired. While the Algarve is a fine region with several excellent courses, the general feeling among players from the UK and elsewhere is that prices are simply too high on everything from green fees to cold beers in the local bars.

With Spain offering significantly better value in almost all areas, those golfers who are looking to invest in holiday homes have continued to keep the property market ticking over, even during hard times. The bottom line for many is that the opportunity to own a villa close to a fine golf course is simply too good to turn down.

Enjoy the golf, enjoy the views

Many of Spain’s most spectacular courses offer stunning views across rugged coastlines and picturesque countryside. Designers have worked hard to ensure a walk down the fairway is more than just a disinterested stroll, and many players find themselves reaching for the camera before they reach for their eight-iron.

The very best courses in Spain offer a once in a lifetime experience, although it should be pointed out they’re not cheap to play. However, the chance to indulge yourself with 18 holes  at venues such as Valderrama, Sotogrande and Santander is perhaps a justifiable treat. In 2012, Spain hosts more PGA Tour events annually than England, and it’s extremely easy to see why.

While there are many superb courses in all areas of the country, the southern coast offers perhaps the most impressive choice. The region around Marbella is a particular favourite, and anyone who is interested in purchasing a villa locally can be sure of a great selection of property options.

David Showell is based in the UK and is a keen golfer. When he’s not teeing off he’s working for a car hire company. Their website offers excellent deals throughout the year.