How rude of you Queen Sofia

Queen Sofia
Queen Sofia holds a panda so her husband can shoot it, probably.

Queen Sofia, the wife of Spain’s King Juan Carlos, has cancelled her visit to the UK this Friday over what I like to call “Gibraltar-gate”.

All the anger about the sovereignty of The Rock is surely taking time and efforts away from dealing with the highest unemployment in Europe and probably the worst banking system in the developed world.

Also, how rude to cancel a dinner invitation from the Queen as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. To be invited to this once-in-a-lifetime event is an honour in itself so to cancel, or refuse is despicable.

The Spanish are happy enough to have millions of British tourists spending money there every year. They are happy enough to have millions of British expats living in Spain but they are not happy that the people of Gibraltar want nothing to do with them.

Excuse me Spain, may I once again remind you about Ceuta and Melilla – Spanish territories on foreign soil – are you prepared to just hand them over? No, I didn’t think so.

For the last time – the Gibraltarians have told you quite clearly that they are British and do not agree to Spanish rule. The fact that you cancelled your invitation because you’re upset about a member of the British royal family visiting a British territory to mark the British Queen’s Jubilee is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself but you and your elephant-killing husband quite clearly have no shame.

I thought royalty was supposed to be above politics. Obviously not.


12 thoughts on “How rude of you Queen Sofia

  1. Henry III

    The ridiculous thing about this whole pathetic saga is that Gibraltar was “given” to GB by the Spanish, unlike Ceuta and Melilla of which they took by force. Tony Blair agreed to handing back Gibraltar on the priviso that they would hand back their force taken islands first, of which the Spanish refused as this was “different”. The reason La Linea is so rotten is because the Spanish, in their infinate wisdom, decided to build pollution pumping chimneys as close to Gib as possible to make the place unbearable to live in, hoping they would end up with an uninhabited island, the problem with this ridiculous master plan is that whilst busy shooting elephants and feeding dogs ham with nails in, they didnt take the general wind direction into consideration, result being they polluted the mainland instead of Gibraltar.

    1. Thanks erm… Henry.

      Ham with nails in? I haven’t heard that one before but I agree about one thing – La Linea sure is rotten! It’s not even a real place. It’s just the name of the “road” you take to access British Gibraltar. Nobody stops there, they just drive through it, and if you’ve been there you’ll know why.

      British Gibraltar – I like that. I think that’s what I’ll call it from now on.

      Loaded like a freight train…

      1. Yeah, I saw that on the news. I though it funny that loads of English people protested about the King of Bahrain being invited over human rights issues yet some Bahrainis also gathered to support him and to applaud Her Majesty for inviting him! So if the Bahraini people like him the who are the protesters representing?

  2. DQ

    You hit it on the head with that one! Rude, ignorant and foolish I’d say to conduct yourself that way regarding an invitation from the Queen of England! It’s is HER subjects keeping things afloat in many areas of Spain! I am just sitting here shaking my head.

    These fools have NOTHING to do with Gibralter, so they need to stop beating a dead horse! Get over it! It’s N-E-V-E-R going to be Spanish again, done deal. Move on. Sheesh!!!



  3. Victor

    1) Your comment is demagogic and manipulative, especially when talking with no idea of this, what he is talking

    2) The queen is queen, oh yes, but the queen cannot do what you want, ok or not ok? She is subject to what the government says, and the government has told the queen that no trip to the UK. End!

    3) If the fact of what for the British tourists travel to Spain or welfare dependent of one o some queens, is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my entire life. Fortunately there are many British in Spain who don’t think like you, who value my country for other good qualities, such as weather, dining, social life or in short, another way of looking at life

    4) The King of Spain was invited by a friend, a Jordanian businessman who lives in Spain. The king can do with your life what the king wants, especially when he has been invited and have not used our public money

    5) Yes, the people of Gibraltar do not want to be Spanish, they want to be British. I can assure you that if the UK reneged on Gibraltar, and Spain were given the option to Gibraltar to remain tax haven, you have the guarantee that the people of Gibraltar would then is Spanish. This is not a question of nationality, is of money and status

  4. Victor

    And by the way, I forgot …

    Gibraltar is a surrender by a treaty, of Utrecht. Ceuta and Melilla have no connection with Gibraltar because they were Spanish long before Morocco existed as a country

    1. 1) Who’s comments are you referring to? I see nothing demagogic on these replies.
      2) Royalty should be above politics. The decision not to attend was a political one, and the wrong one. In a time when all of Europe should be sticking together, as usual the Spanish think different and want to concentrate on little, trivial problems, creating new ones in the process.
      3) There are many Spanish and English, and plenty of other nationalities that live here in Spain with no intention of working. They are, thus, welfare dependant, whether you like it or not, it’s true. And yes, there are many people, like me, who live here and work here. I’ve worked here for eight years and always paid my taxes. Economically I am as Spanish as you.
      4) Doesn’t matter who invited him – he’s a barbarian who kills defenceless animals for sport.
      5) Wrong attitude. The people of Gibraltar will remain Gibraltarian until they say otherwise. They will never be Spanish unless they say so. That’s the problem, you think you can just take it without asking the residents. Good luck with that!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      1. DQ

        For sure the Spanish think differently and seem to concentrate on little, trivial issues instead of focusing on how to get food and jobs to it’s people. The entire world sees this!

        And true, there are many who do live in Spain who do not work; If I came to Spain, I would not work — I wouldn’t need to as I have my own investments elsewhere. Actually, I would be hiring people not taking away any jobs.

        Gibraltans have already stated they want to be their own country, so how much more discussion can there be? They will NOT agree to be Spanish property again.


    2. DQ

      5: In my opinion, the people living in Gibralter want to remain “Gibraltans” NOT British, NOT Spanish.

      4. The King of Spain can do what he wants, that is true. Private endeavors with private funds.

      3. I don’t think anyone wants to live in Spain and be dependent on the Spanish government to provide for them, I surely wouldn’t; this government can’t provide for itself!

      2. The Queen of Spain can do what she wants, this is also true; she could have attended the luncheon with the Queen of England if she wanted to, no political party is stopping her, in my opinion. It was rude for her not to go to show unity when Europe is breaking apart! To use Gibralter as an excuse is ignorant and ridiculous.

      1. The comments are not demagogic nor manipulative — this is a forum for stating opinions and for discussion.

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